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  1. Outstanding every single one of them 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜
  2. See all this blame the ref pish, and it was close. We were fucking shit from the first whistle. Tactics and line up all wrong. Kent should never have started on the right, also don't think lafferty should have started. Sitting back showing them respect, they were there for the taking and we all shat it.
  3. Got a feeling he's going to score a double. 2-1 Rangers. ??
  4. So is he for backup or is he going to play, surely it will be difficult to dislodge Goldson and Katic?
  5. Watching game on my phone in work with headphones sneakily, let's hope I don't shout out get fucking in there during the game ?
  6. Bit concerned we have not got a second. This mob are pish but still think we need another
  7. Awesome performance second half. Raging at sadiq not passing at the end there ??
  8. Hopefully get a lift from today and also Jimmy plays a striker or maybe even two.
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