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  1. We are not that stupid. Best squad in the league. We only need another leader after the RAT
  2. Jim White just said talks this weekend with 3 candidates, if gio is one who are the other 2?
  3. Only issue with tavs post is calling him gaffer.
  4. Don't understand folk thinking China is an easy league to win. They have changed their foreign player rules haven't they? And the decent foreigners will be mercenaries looking for cash. Gerrard was a gamble that in the long term paid off with 55. Next manager will be a gamble too but they will have a much better squad to use than gerrard started with.
  5. Leaving in an international break, next game back is a semi final. I remember his comment that the cup situation doesn't sit well with him. Its all wind and pish. Does he look happy? Don't ask silly questions.
  6. We were 1-0 up at home against ten men for 45mins against malmo and still got knocked out. He ain't no tactical genius. If he goes, he goes.
  7. Gerrard will take everyone with him. Will be remembered for 55, old firm victories and putting us back at the top. That's his legacy, not 2 or 3 in a row, not trebles, just one trophy out of 9. We will move on. Good luck to him.
  8. He gave us 55, runs in Europe and old firm wins put us back to the top of Scottish football, however he also gave us a dreadful domestic cup record due to defeats against lower opposition and more than a few questionable signings. If he goes fair enough but we will have a better calibre of manager interested than 3yrs ago.
  9. 30yo at the game with my cousin and pals off the local supporters bus, back to the pub for a long night on the drink, been a long road back but what a party this one will be.
  10. Win at the piggery gerrard onto pitch with huge flag and plant it right in the centre circle souness style. Send a message and add more breakdowns
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