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  1. Itv news editing done a great number on him 🤣🤣🤣
  2. Got to be at it fergusons for kamara and Shankland for morelos
  3. Declans fell for the hair braiding photoshop lol
  4. Right everybody behind barry who wants to score a hat trick against the unwashed !
  5. The fact he got a skinhead pre match sums the fud. Was outplayed once again
  6. This seasons promotion celebrations on the pitch should only involve the players and staff who won this championship title. He can come along and celebrate with the rest of us from the stands or in his front room with his mates watching on tv no problem with that.
  7. Limp over the line with five games to go? Its just a wee bit nerves wouldn't.be surprised if after tuesday we win every game 3 or 4 nil including the scottish cup semi...... hopefully
  8. Never thought id see a thread referring to some of this seasons squad as duds......boke
  9. Started to watch it then heard nevin say dundee were the better side for 20 mins. Think he was including the 15 min half time break in that.....
  10. He was fantastic today if miller would have buried that chance first halve would have been all about the work by o'halloran. Can see him terrorising left backs for years to come
  11. Wonder which game he will be going to tonight ? One from the championship or to the emirates for that game.
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