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  1. If the work permit is granted he should only miss a couple of games. As BrizOz said he will be playing in the qualifier against Thailand at Suncorp on the 2nd of September. After that though he should fly right out. The next qualifier isn't until the 9th of October and I can't imagine he'll stay in Australia that long when he could be getting valuable game time. He would be a great addition to the squad. I like the look of Ortiz but he's clearly a right sided player only and he's not going to pose much of a threat on the left. Additionally when Davis or Naismith play on the right they always drift in and basically leave it up to the fullback. This is ok when it's Whittaker but when it's Broadfoot If we played a 4-4-2 I imagine this is what our team could look like: -------------------McGregor Whittaker-----Goian-------Bocanegra/Weir-------Papac Ortiz------Davis/Bedoya-----McCulloch/Edu------McKay --------Naismith/Lafferty------Jelavic With the likes of Broadfoot, Wylde, Perry, Ness and Hutton in reserve it doesn't look a bad squad with plenty of options everywhere. Would like another striker though.
  2. They are a direct rival because the play in the same division. They may not necessarily be challenging for the title and obviously it's not like the rivalry between us and Celtic but they rate Goodwillie and don't want him coming back and punishing them with us next season. That's why they want the extra compensation from us, because of the damage he could do them in the future playing for us, no such danger from a club outside the SPL so the valuation for them is lower. This happens a lot.
  3. Can't believe the Seahawks beat the Saints! No disrespect to the Seahawks fans intended but the NFC West was awful this year and I expected whichever team won it to get flogged. Congrats though. Personally glad that the Saints, Colts and Eagles are gone. I agree with TG about the Bears. They've done well this year but I just don't think they have what it takes to win a Superbowl. I think whoever wins out of the Falcons and Packers will make it. Steelers are the team I hope gets punted now. They've already won 6 and don't want them getting too far ahead of the '9ers 5
  4. Haven't been following much in the past few weeks because 49ers suck. I'm actually surprised at how well the Patriots have done this season. After they lost to the Giants in the Superbowl and Brady got injured I thought their dynasty was finished. With Welker getting injured at the end of last year and Moss declining they looked a shadow of the team they used to be but they've done well this season. I wouldn't put it past them to win another Superbowl. How many teams have won 4? I know Steelers have 6 and Cowboys and 49ers each have 5, anyone else?
  5. Decent comeback from the Cowboys. That was a mighty effort from Buehler for the 59 yard FG attempt. I re4ally don't understand why they didn't try a draw or something on 3rd down just to pick up a few yards to make it easier on him.
  6. Good to see the 49ers get a couple of wins under their belt. Troy Smith sounds like he's doing quite well. As I said a few weeks ago 49ers have quite an easy run in all things considered so there's still a decent shot at the playoffs.
  7. That actually looked a dive to me but I'll take it.
  8. I can see a red card coming in this match the way it's going. Hopefully it's one of theirs and not ours.
  10. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss fcuk you Loovens you clown
  11. Davis was napping there on the line. This is the first time I've seen Hooper and can already tell I'm gonna hate the smug bastard even more than most t*rriers.
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