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  1. Almacger

    Candeias Red Card

    SFA defending one of their own even when it is a blatant inexplicable fuck up - don’t let this go Rangers and never ever accept that lying cheating bastard Collum as a referee for any of our domestic games again.
  2. Almacger

    Moscow Away

    Driving down to Gatwick fae Ayrshire in 5hrs time then Air Baltic via Riga (I like a fucking challenge) ???? Cannae wait!!!!
  3. Almacger


    BBC are an absolute disgrace - if multiple coins were thrown at Samson then why would St. Mirren not have not come out and raised a complaint immediately after the game? Over 24hrs pass without a word then Sportscene report this - disgusting!!!!!
  4. Almacger

    Candeias Red Card

    Think the ref at the Morton game was a guy called Barry Cook
  5. The referees lack of discipline needs to be addressed
  6. Can’t disagree with any of that
  7. Andy Walker getting rather excited at Rangers not being able to score there - impartial commentary at its best - Prick!
  8. Almacger

    Penalty Ref.

    FAO Thick Media Cunts - please refer to the diagram below to ascertain coin hitting area on the vicTIM
  9. Almacger

    Spartak Moscow sack their Manager

    Still a hike in wage fae the Sheepshaggers - £12640.91 when you convert the one million Russian Rubles
  10. Almacger

    Moscow Away

    Yes mate, but slightly nervous as no points. I know that Spartak were not happy their allocation was cut for their trip to Ibrox so hopefully no tit for tat nonsense
  11. Almacger

    Moscow Away

    Got my visa a couple of weeks ago, all I need now is a fecking ticket. Anyone got an idea when they become available, time is marching on?!?!?!
  12. Almacger

    CLUB 1872 statement on the fanzone

    I’m just very shy, but staunch as fuck!!!!!!
  13. Almacger

    CLUB 1872 statement on the fanzone

    I click on this thread to read about the ongoing efforts and great work being carried out by Club1872 to uncover the corruption and hatred behind the decision to block our Fanzone application. All I see though is some attention seeking individual call BluePeter derail this thread. I don’t care if you have posted 250000 times on here. Fans are looking for important updates on the situation regarding the Fanzone, not your shite which is so clearly being posted to wind up fellow supporters. With all due respect, move yer shite to the other forum sections and let’s keep this thread on track.