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  1. Almacger

    Switch to Pro Evo!

    I know it’s ridiculous. I’m getting it for my son so that he can just concentrate purely on the football aspects of the game - I’ll do the banners
  2. Almacger

    Villarreal away ticket applications open

    I’m also trying to register for two away games, same problem, on CCCS so not wanting to delete any of the Euro home ties in the basket - confused.com
  3. Almacger

    Moscow Away

    Looking to go to Moscow but only just signed up for travel club this week so not confident I will get a ticket. Thomas Cook price for day trip very steep, especially when you have to add on an extra £140 visa costs and match ticket. Can get flights going via Stansted for less than half the price and would prefer this option as I could get to see a bit of the city before going to the game. Would like to get ticket for game and travel independently but not sure how realistic this option will be?
  4. Almacger

    Moscow Away

    Let's Go!!!!!!!!
  5. Almacger

    When timothy says to you that we are a new club

    Agreed! See when this Jesus dude came back from the grave and out of his tomb, I don’t recall any of the Tarriers calling him Sevco or Newco Jesus - they thought it was the same cunt, so why say our team died and we’re now a new club. They cannae pick and chose, fucking Mhutants.
  6. Almacger

    Group Stage Package

    How do you cancel CCCS? Do you just let a transaction fail then it automatically cancels it
  7. Almacger

    Never winning the title this season

    Get this shite tae fuck! Don’t recall the team back then having to navigate through 8 European ties by the end of August. First league defeat for the new boss having to rebuild from scratch.
  8. Almacger

    Group Stage Package

    Aye, sorry, meant the 6th Sept prices are a little steep but if given more notice then easier for fans to get the dosh together
  9. Almacger

    Group Stage Package

    I hope you are right but can’t see them amending it. Unfortunately a lot of CCCS transactions will fail on 3rd Sept, way too much to ask at such short notice - club have fucked up here 😡
  10. Almacger

    Calm the fuck doon.

    Season 1986/1987 - We came from nine points behind to beat our rivals – this was in the days when two points were the prize for a victory. Keep the heid - first defeat so far and a long long long way to go
  11. Something that struck me when watching the game today. A couple of times the cameras panned in to the UFA fans and showed a girl sitting with a Steven Gerrard banner dotted with love hearts, obviously a wee soft spot for our manager. Another shot had a you boy holding up a banner in English asking for an autograph from Steven Gerrard. We have pulled of a master stroke getting this guy into our club, he is a global brand and even in some unknown area of Russia he has admirers - take a bow son and thanks for all your efforts so far.
  12. Almacger


    He fucked up today but has played a big part in our quest to get to the Europa League group stages - a swift boot in the baws for him from Stevie G and then we all move on 👍
  13. Almacger


    Disagreed with you quoting old Morelos posts a few nights ago because I’m sensitive, but agree with you today. Great result, let’s concentrate on the positives, Morelos will also be fresh for Sunday. 😉
  14. Almacger

    *** The Official FC UFA vs Rangers FC Match Thread ***

    Ejaria played a massive part in that game today, that great early goal done the job, even when things were going against us so badly. He improves with every game and delighted for the whole team. This is a massive achievement for our club today, so fecking proud.
  15. Almacger

    *** The Official FC UFA vs Rangers FC Match Thread ***

    Well done son and get well soon, not easy following the Gers but worth it when we get the result 😉