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  1. Almacger

    Players not going to Spain

    Most of that first team squad from last season don't deserve to wear a Rangers shirt anymore - has Gerard arriving made many of them realise that the party is over? Time to up your game or get tae fuck!
  2. ...meanwhile, within a dark musty boardroom at The Scottish Football Association. “Erm sorry to bother you Sir, but Rangers have been back on the phone asking for more clarity”.
  3. Almacger

    Beggars Allocation Cut

    So generate more guaranteed income by increasing season ticket numbers and ensuring more Bears get to see the Gers play at Ibrox............what a really bad idea Mr King
  4. Almacger

    Beggars Allocation Cut

    Pretty embarrassing that some of our own fans would rather have hate filled Tarriers who want to see our club destroyed filling seats at Ibrox instead of Bears. Any Rangers fan that is appalled by today’s decision needs to have a fucking word with themselves. Look after your own and make your home a fortress, fuck everybody else, they all fucking hate us so why would you want them for ‘atmosphere’. Place will be rocking if we have a good team on the pitch without worrying about the other Cunts.
  5. Funny how it's not one of the main headlines on the BBC Scotland section of their website - wee bit of a different approach from them when Rangers are not to be mentioned. BBC Scotland are Scum!!
  6. Almacger

    Windass thanking Miller

    And another thing. I’d like to thank Kenny for helping me off the park, as I never actually appeared on the fucking park.
  7. Almacger

    That Scott Allan Tackle

    Dallas needs to be brought to task over this, right next to it as well so had a perfect view. Allan should be hammered and that ref should be demoted to the lower league games. I’m sure the authorities will act quickly - oh wait, it’s Rangers, fuck them, move along please.
  8. Almacger

    Gerrard Instagram

    Rangers FC - 7,168,000 Instagram followers - that’s a decent jump 😎👍
  9. Almacger

    Murty Sacked - Confirmed

    I’m alright now, phew! Thanks mate 😂 Totally agree about the newspapers, but when you actually hear the players and management from other teams spouting this pish on radio or tv it really annoys me (especially TLB). Driving home in the car tonight and heard the TLB interview so not just print, real words fae the popcorn teeth getting airtime to wind up the Rangers fans
  10. Almacger

    Murty Sacked - Confirmed

    TLB uses the word ‘scandalous’ to describe the way Rangers have dealt with Murty - did it ever occur to you ya poisonous, hate filled, ginger prick that the word scandalous perfectly describes your attitude and behaviour - because it is a scandal that you get away with your scummy ned antics week in week out then play the victim card. No wonder you came back to Scotland, other countries footballing authorities would see right through you and you wouldn’t get away with your pish - and you fucking know it.
  11. Almacger

    RM POTY Awards

    Artist of the Year - Cummings (that tattoo was a fucking belter)
  12. Almacger

    **the official taigs v Rangers match thread**

    He’s not even good enough to try that - utter shite the lot of them
  13. Almacger

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Naw, Daily Record have fucked up their front page. Clarke knocked back Ruth Davidson snubbing her request for his sperm.
  14. Almacger

    Morelos warm up today.

    Needs a P45, get them all tae fuck away from our great club. Rebuild job required in so many areas. No room for spoilt, disinterested, petulant wee Fannies.