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  1. The motherwell prick that hit Jig with the umbrella?

    All I know is the umbrella was pissed off with his fat mess of an owner, flew away and became one of us, staunch as fuck!
  2. Rangers captain

    Trying telling that to John Greig, Richard Gough etc - when it's the armband associated with Glasgow Rangers everyone should care
  3. More Daily Record lies

    The DR is so irrelevant, unless you need tae wipe yer arse
  4. The Sunday Night Caption Contest..

    Thank you for attending today's counselling session Mr Chairman, obviously the events over the weekend have set you back a bit.
  5. Feelings on a Chinese sponsor

    And it's on the twelfth I love to wear, the Satay my fawa wore
  6. Bring Back David Murray?

    Yes, bring back David Murray to Ibrox so that he can explain to the fans (and apologise) via the big screens as to why he fucked the club over and remind fans that the real Rangers revolution with Souness took place before that fucker sneaked in and ruined the club
  7. Is today the lowest you've felt?

    No, I've been lower, now fuck off. Submarine Cdr Almacger
  8. Positives from today.

    None yet, I'll hopefully get a shag later
  9. Directors Box

    Apologies if mentioned in another post. Guy I know who has season ticket not far from directors box sent me this text: "I stayed to the end. Gilligan was shouting at fans from the directors box as the board were getting pelters. Paul Murray was shitting it but stayed calm. Embarrassment from top to bottom." I was in the Clubdeck so obviously wouldn't see anything. The players on the park were a fucking disgrace, I don't blame the fans for having a go at these clowns in the director box. Sort the club out now or get to fuck.
  10. Public boycott of season tickets...

    I have renewed three season tickets, the two week cooling off period to cancel the 4 monthly payment credit agreement passed for me on Wednesday. Absolutely raging as I would have cancelled - that was most pathetic, embarrassing performance by a Rangers team I have ever witnessed at Ibrox.
  11. Boo button

    Let's all add a Boo Boo button...ffs!!!!! ?
  12. Caixinha

    I think he is above criticism so early on in his Ibrox career, he will need time to know what players he is dealing with and to work out how things work up here in Scotland. The second place was already gone imo, thank Warburton and the board for that - moving forward though I will give Pedro my full backing and with that the time he will need to rebuild, Pedro is in no way at fault for us not clinching 2nd place, especially when he is only two game into his managerial career with us.
  13. Caixinha

    Two games ffs, give the guy a pre season to bring in his own guys then make a judgement, absolute fucking lunacy from some of our support at times :-(
  14. The gaffer at Dundee tonight

    Probably ex-wife after taking her for a night oot in Dundee