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  1. Done fuck all wrong today
  2. 😂😂☺️☺️☺️
  3. Unacceptable that wee played them off the park, unacceptable that officials allowed an offside goal. Unacceptable to say that the shower of scum will win the league when we are only 2 points behind them in the league
  4. Yeah let’s all have at our top scorer - get a fucking grip
  5. Almacger


    You son are a fucking spastic, Rangers fan my arse
  6. We were unlucky and officials fucked us as their offside goal - not having a go at anyone today, we should have won that
  7. Almacger


    Keyboard warriors now out in force. We were unlucky. Felt for the whole team including Morelos
  8. Fucking pathetic thread. You get to fuck ASAP
  9. This a joke already, ref doing fuck all already
  10. Almacger

    Fuck it

    Gerard’s had enough time to learn, just do the right thing and don’t continue to play guys who are not good enough for the first team.
  11. He’s not good enough but Stevie has a wee soft spot for this young Liverpool project player 🤮
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