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  1. Almacger

    Fuck it

    Gerard’s had enough time to learn, just do the right thing and don’t continue to play guys who are not good enough for the first team.
  2. He’s not good enough but Stevie has a wee soft spot for this young Liverpool project player 🤮
  3. Thought the same too. Felt really sorry for Fernando going to Holland hoping to meet him. Fair play to Ronaldo for at least having some respect for the man.
  4. Almacger


    Ejaria type snowflakes who don’t fancy getting physical and putting their bodies on the line for this club - no room at all for this shit in what is a massive season for this club.
  5. Today was a massive opportunity for us to finally set down a marker against that mob and we fucked it royally today. Totally understand the meltdown to be honest
  6. Almacger


    Was not impressed at all when he so blatantly shat out of a 50/50 tackle with Broon in the middle off the park early in the first half. That helps set the tone too early.
  7. Absolute BS - did your guide dug post this for you?
  8. Spot on mate, I was in BR5 and that was exactly what happened. Fucking annoys when people just make up shite and post it.
  9. Did he not take a really clever yellow card at one point in the second half? The Legia player was nearly free down the main stand side of the pitch but Barisic was clever to take him out and took the booking.
  10. Really! Rangers forced to close stands, threatened with expulsion from comp. celtic over numerous years get umpteen fines but no threat of stand closures or expulsion. No favouritism from what I can see
  11. Just tried it as well mate, thought I was playing a game of Twister.
  12. An irrelevant, attention seeking individual who failed in the professional game. Keep spouting yer shite oxygen thief 😂
  13. Problem is UEFA has just branded us as a bunch of racists in the same manner as those other clubs. It is a fucking disgrace but what can we do. They are a very big corrupt governing body in football and nobody has the ability or baws to challenge them. Now watch our local politicians and league association line up to batter us as well - this will give them a hard-on. Dark days ahead Folks.
  14. Agreed, I was always nervous about this tie, don’t know why some thought we would pump them over in Poland. European football way different and unpredictable.
  15. Same stupid threads getting posted similar to this time last year. 2 games into a league campaign - ffs, get a grip. The problem is nobody in this shitey league has the bottle to take them on with the only exception being us. We need to do the business week in week out. Post this thread when we are out of site and not in any danger of fucking things up. We are desperate to get 55 but feet firmly on the ground please.
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