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  1. All they have done with this statement is brought our support back into focus for the Mhedia to attack us if anything naughty is sung during the upcoming games - fucking bravo
  2. Aye well said Rangers FC, quick enough to have a go at your own supporters who have basically stuck by this club through all the shite. Still waiting on your numerous official statements having a pop at the real enemies out their across Scotland - fucking disgraceful behaviour you shower of weak, ungrateful , out of touch, greedy bastards. WATP - fucking remember that!!!
  3. No, that’s the kinda shit that happened in the Dark Ages 😎
  4. Thousands of Gers fans marching from Ibrox to protest (peacefully off course) outside their Glasgow Quayside offices would get their fucking attention.
  5. Very good point - lying auld sleekit Jakey bastard that he is
  6. Chelsea would be not be a good option for Alfredo, Steve Clarke’s children would not be happy with this
  7. Almacger


  8. Almacger


    maybe you should check the date of the comment first
  9. That wee complaint by the Tims and the summit that followed has fucking worked wonders for them. Corrupt and hateful to the fucking core.
  10. You are damn right it is Tom, time for your employer to deal with this serious issue and show you a P45 you rancid horrible Prick!!!!
  11. SFA defending one of their own even when it is a blatant inexplicable fuck up - don’t let this go Rangers and never ever accept that lying cheating bastard Collum as a referee for any of our domestic games again.
  12. Driving down to Gatwick fae Ayrshire in 5hrs time then Air Baltic via Riga (I like a fucking challenge) ???? Cannae wait!!!!
  13. BBC are an absolute disgrace - if multiple coins were thrown at Samson then why would St. Mirren not have not come out and raised a complaint immediately after the game? Over 24hrs pass without a word then Sportscene report this - disgusting!!!!!
  14. Think the ref at the Morton game was a guy called Barry Cook
  15. The referees lack of discipline needs to be addressed
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