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  1. Almacger

    The media

    I keep looking through several posts and time and time again the forum member called the Dude keeps on appearing on multiple posts and by the looks of it pisses several people off in the process. Now, I come on to this platform to get news and opinions on all things Rangers and to read the different opinions from Bears. Can I ask you a question Dude, you state that you are a professional journalist and it appears to me that you like to correct people on their ill thought out comments. Why would a sports journalist spend so much time on a Rangers fan forum, especially in such a divided city? I just don’t get this, surely you must have more appropriate direct contacts and sources for gathering your info from within the corridors of the Scottish football world? Would that not be a better use of your time instead of getting caught up in sometimes controversial forum posts on subjects that are quite sensitive for many fans regarding our club. A journalist should not be wasting time on forums and I would expect them to be professional and stay away from these platforms. Leave the forum for real Rangers fans to discuss all issues affecting our club and for us to have banter with each other without worrying about smart arse people who seem to be trolling fans. I grew up knowing several sports journalist personally and all I can say is, they should never sign up to clubs forums as they are not representing themselves properly, they should also have no favourite club as once you sign up as a journalist you have to be impartial. How can you be trusted to be fair and balanced if you start prancing about club forums with opinions. Leave the opinions to normal Bears and let the club provide us with any info. Sadly football journalism in Scotland has been dreadful for several years now and I personally think people claiming to be journalist on club forums does their already tarnished reputation no good whatsoever. I have nothing against you as a person as I don’t know you. I have been on this forum for several years but do not post often, I prefer to enjoy reading other Bears comments and some of the banter is brilliant. It does upset me though when people talk fellow Bears down and treat them like idiots. Our loyal fan base has been through a lot for many years and we now have testing times ahead,not only as Rangers fans but as human beings dealing with an unknown health crisis. Let Rangers fans get on with debating current issues affecting our club on forums like RM. Others really should be having their discussions elsewhere.
  2. Staying healthy and safe is the important issue at this moment, nothing else
  3. Trust me, once this pandemic gets it grip on this nation very shortly the Tim's groaning and moaning about their fucking 9-in-a-row will become a distant whimper as the real issues in life become way more important and brought sharply into focus. Everybody out there regardless of what what team they support needs to concentrate on looking after themselves and their loved ones NOW, klopp was very dignified and spot on. Lennon has acted like the bitter bastard that we all know.
  4. I'm concerned about going but even more concerned about my old man going who is 73. I just have a horrible feeling about this whole thing as we seem to be doing fuck all to react to this as a nation.
  5. As this shit gets real and the numbers rise, football competitions in this country and beyond become totally insignificant and go way down the priority list. Null and void the leagues and yes there will be a meltdown initially. If the virus situation gets much worse then the meltdown over the footie cancellation soon disappears. Stay safe Bears as we are in uncharted waters.
  6. Almacger


    That is shocking and needs to be addressed.
  7. Just showed this vid tae the wife and she actually thought they played that over the tannoy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  8. That was fucking disgraceful behaviour by those Polis, they need taken to task over that. Guy is going to celebrate with his own fans and they embarrassing Polis act like that, scum behaviour. They done similar shite with our players after we scored our second goal on the 29th Dec at that pit.
  9. Almacger

    Ryan kent

    The fact than he missed quite an easy chance in the first to then score with what was much more difficult take in the second half can only help him with his confidence. Delighted for him as he has the ability, just needs to believe in himself a wee bit more. Fuck the price tag, get over it and get on with it.
  10. If it wasn't for Alfie's quality Europa League goals this season we would not have had the opportunity to experience that great rollercoaster last night. The boy is class and everything he does is micro analysed in the cesspit of a country.
  11. A fucking disgrace that this person is allowed to put on a Rangers Jersey
  12. And there is proof that the Hibs junkie is a real life figure that is tormented and mentally unstable - fucks knows how a junkie can afford broadband though to post this shite. Suffer ya shower of Rhancid Pricks
  13. He sets high standards pal, makes a mockery of every other shitey club in the league
  14. Defoe with that 2nd touch and bang! goal! Absolute fucking class
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