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  1. If it wasn't for Alfie's quality Europa League goals this season we would not have had the opportunity to experience that great rollercoaster last night. The boy is class and everything he does is micro analysed in the cesspit of a country.
  2. A fucking disgrace that this person is allowed to put on a Rangers Jersey
  3. And there is proof that the Hibs junkie is a real life figure that is tormented and mentally unstable - fucks knows how a junkie can afford broadband though to post this shite. Suffer ya shower of Rhancid Pricks
  4. He sets high standards pal, makes a mockery of every other shitey club in the league
  5. Defoe with that 2nd touch and bang! goal! Absolute fucking class
  6. Oh let’s get back to slating Alfie, no other Fucker up here does anything as horrible as him. This country is a disgrace.
  7. I tell you what, Sky Sports can fuck right off, they constantly highlight everything Morelos does - they are Scum and Rangers need to take them to task
  8. Done fuck all wrong today
  9. 😂😂☺️☺️☺️
  10. Unacceptable that wee played them off the park, unacceptable that officials allowed an offside goal. Unacceptable to say that the shower of scum will win the league when we are only 2 points behind them in the league
  11. Yeah let’s all have at our top scorer - get a fucking grip
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