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  1. I wanted him sacked, however, after seeing him in that video he looks terrified 😂 hope you’ve learnt yer lesson ya daft wee Prick. Talk is cheap but one more massive chance to show you have the mentality and the ability to play for this club - don’t fuck it up and get your career back on track.
  2. The Tims won’t believe we have won it then as no match day evidence and they will probably think they can still do the 10
  3. No he’s not, he couldn’t remember his Netflix password
  4. Consequential Learning - Lawrie fae Dennistoun would be proud of you ya Tramp
  5. The high pitched squeal took a while tae get warmed up in this one
  6. Steven in Bothwell chews his Maws slippers
  7. If players and coaches keep on getting caught placing illegal bets on football they still get hammered individually - can’t see why the Covid party should be treated differently. Surely you can only go after the club if the Covid breaches happen whilst the employee is on the premises of the football club or directly involved in an event, training camp or staying at accommodation/hotel whilst on official club duty. This happened outwith the control of the club so you can’t punish the club for breaching protocols. The individuals committing the breaches are the ones who are fucked. M
  8. After watching Gerard's press video he looks absolutely gutted. For those numpties to do this to the club and upset the feel good factor I think there is no road back for them. I was thinking, young lads, they’ll learn from it but now, I want them gone. They clearly do not give a shit or understand what it means to play for this club and the responsibilities that come with that. The haters out there have been given a huge lift that will allow them to attack our club again via the press and the authorities. There are plenty of young promising players out there that will bite your hand
  9. Since Mastercard pulled the plug on PornHub some have much more spare time
  10. Sorry pal, don’t have a picture of The Dude, I’m sure he is a fine specimen However, I have just had my passport photo taken (see below) - I would like to think that someone would not call me an ugly Prick on this forum, after all, I received 35 valentines day cards yesterday.
  11. Bang on mate! I remember recently down in England where the police were asking for vaccinations due to their line of work, still not on any priority list along with Paramedics, firefighters etc. The way this pandemic has been mis-handled and not just in the UK is nothing short of disgraceful.
  12. The way everyone goes on about fines and breaches you would think they did have, it’s a fucking joke. Knowing their luck though, they’ve probably now caught Covid aff the Polis dishing out the fines. I’ve always wondered how many cops will actually pass on Covid to the public, as they are coming into contact with so many of the public on a daily basis then surely that is a risk. Or does Covid not infect Polis?
  13. If the players in question have been fined for Covid breaches and it has happened in their own time, then the club deals with them internally and disciplines them for dragging Rangers into the media spotlight. This has not happened whilst they were at work, so any chat about points deductions, Null & Void is just pathetic and those calling for this are just desperate, cheating, Tarrier Scum. Whilst these players are thick as shite, the blame culture that now exist in society surrounding Covid is absolutely disgusting. Every fucker out there has fallen for the Gov narrative that it’s
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