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  1. Sad news, thoughts with his family and friends 🔴⚪️🔵
  2. Can’t disagree with you re the agent, this always seems to be a problem every transfer window.
  3. If he hasn’t broke any rules and is up for it when he gets back, he’ll be back in that team in no time, you can’t judge how things will pan out based on a couple of friendlies. I’m just happy that we have so many options.
  4. He’s a young guy with a small baby, family always come first (imo) and should for everyone, no matter what you do for a living. He has been away from his family for so long and stuck in a pandemic stricken Scotland, to be honest, I’m not fucking surprised he’s taking his time to come back over, where every Cunt in this country despises him apart from our club and supporters. He has been great for us and as long as he is not disobeying club orders, he deserves time with his family away from this shitehole. When he comes back, get stuck in wee man and I hope to fuck he stays.
  5. Looks like many of us have just purchased season tickets for RTV again. Everything is just a fucking shambles - actually feel sorry for the club, every other business and most of the people in this country - we are being ruled but utterly incompetent, dangerous bastards who are just taking the utter piss out of us and everything we do.
  6. #FollowingTheMakeItUpAsWeGoAlongCosWeDon’tHaveAFuckingClue
  7. Oh him, the same Stephen O’Donnell who sat on the Sportscene sofa crying one weekend that Rangers being so far ahead of the Puddle Drinkers was not good for the league and he hoped they closed the gap. Well that worked out well you utter shite football player - Scotland’s right-back, ha ha ha, Steve Clarke showing everyone that he is clueless old man - bye bye Scotland.
  8. Thanks for the updates, much appreciated
  9. Three season tickets renewed in family stand just before deadline, two adults and my son who turns 16 in June, 4 monthly dd and all went through fine. We got an email from Rangers today to say that we no longer meet the conditions for the family stand (assuming as our boy will be turning 16). Said that seat transfer priority is not available due to exceptional demand and limited availability. We will be placed on seat transfer list for season 22/23. Have emailed ticket office to clarify situation, hope I have picked this up wrong but it looks like they are basically telling us the we can f
  10. You know what will happen here, everything is looking good again re Covid numbers and the April 1st strain just in time to open up for the Euros. Put your mortgage on it that suddenly "the data" will start to look worrying again after the Euros has moved on. it will then be back to higher tiered restrictions and no crowds allowed in at domestic football. They like to play games does our Glorious SNP Leaders.
  11. Humza must be forced to resign after this, a dangerous individual who is abusing his position of power to attack a football club and their support. Enough is enough, I expect a very strong response from our club as this is now way beyond acceptable levels of interference from politicians and police authorities and very, very sinister.
  12. Ach well, I suppose they can’t blame us for the spread of Covid now, what about that litter though eh?
  13. The Glasgow City Council clean-up team that covers Govanhill must still be on furlough, could do with some heroics down there to clean up that fucking mess.
  14. 10.30pm last night, said to the wife with some tears forming in my eyes, ‘don’t think I will renew the three season tickets, too expensive and we probably won’t get into the stadium anyway’ ‘oh that’s such a shame, good night darling’ she replied and went away tae her bed. 30 mins later, three season tickets renewed online then the party tunes blasted - It was at that point she realised I had just fed her a line of bullshit.
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