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  1. I hope you wernt hopeing for someone to tell you.
  2. Will wait and see, too many ITK people on this site so lets see if your legit!
  3. Hearts haven't been relegated yet, needs our league to be called off first so ICT where the champ vote and as was said PT was league 1 which is a farce tbh
  4. Too much, think I will take a break from listening to their shit
  5. I am counting those 2 votes as ours, they may not have backed the resolution but they never gave the SPFL any sort of vote of confidence.
  6. That Liewell puts him in when he is dressed up as a gimp and unable to get a hardon to pump MM in the arse while the SPFL board stand round chanting and being handeld 2 at a time by Hartson and Sutton, Michael Stweart handels 3 while trying to shout independence but you cant hear him cos he is mumbleing with the cock in his mouth, meanwhile in the corner Popcorn teeth is haveing to give Brown the heimlich manoeuvre trying to get a block of lego out that he swallowed while munching on it, all the time this is going on the Clyde one super score board team are playing beat the pundit, Hugh being paddled over the table while Kieth Jackson stands by himself fingering his own arsehole cos not even one of this rancid lot would even touch him then Doncasters room mate Joseph Fritzl comes home and is disgusted, even he wouldent hang about with this lot and before storming out tells Jackson to get his finger out and leave as they only want life long rancid tarrier basterds and not some shity finger turn coat............ Think I have been in lockdown to long!
  7. He is too arrogant to let anyone tell the SPFL (him) what to do.
  8. Stoped betting a while back, when your in work waiting for the Australian and the J league to kick off for over 1.5 goals while waiting for some player you never heard of to score first then you know there is an issue hahaha
  9. That would defo be seen as inflammatory by the Scottish MSM, I know we as Rangers fan know that it isn't but you can be guaranteed that they would twist this to suit their agenda.
  10. I said earlier in this thread that I had a optimistic feeling that we could maby get 50% of tje votes, dont think it will pass but I felt the lower league clubs could really turn the screw on the SPFL. I still have the optimism that we could be shocked come this afternoon.
  11. Wow, I like the way this has been articulate, the quote "The vote was 81% with a gun to our heads" reminds me that the Kin Jong Un is voted into office every 4 years by the north Koreans, wonder if the SPFL think this is s democracy too.
  12. Now Rangers are going to pay for an enquiry Doncaster says its a lot of energy and wasted time however what I dont get is, what are they actually doing that means there time is so precious. Correct me if I am wrong but they have no part to play in when football can actually resume, thats falls under the remit of the scottish government. Normal administration processes have ceased as there is no football being played to administer, they have already said there is nothing they can feasibly do to help struggling clubs so this begs the quedtion what the fuck are they actually doing other than poping up on media outlets bitching about how hard they are working. Surely that time could be better spent self reflecting on the corporate governance procedures than playing the poor me card every 5 minutes.
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