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  1. Agree and even if it meant we needed a couple of squad fillers and no one was available for a lower price then a couple of loans and pick up a small part of thier salary would still leave us better off financially and no worse squad wise.
  2. They are keeping their options open after the midweek delay.
  3. This boy is something else, kills me how he is portrayed in the scum media up here. That last bit where he just wants the kids to have the chance to be a lawyer or teacher or any thing they want to be just shows the kind of heart the boy has, proud to have him here and when he goes I whish nothing but the best for him as that would mean he can continue helps young kids out of real poverty. Just a shame this country isn't as welcoming as it makes out it is.
  4. I said last year we needed a big tall physical striker for when teams sit back especially at home. I dont think they need to be an gifted footballer but imposing enough so it forces team out even just a little because if they dont then we could just throw crosses in at will and put pressure on them constantly, we dont have that type of striker at the moment so teams can sit back and force us to try and play through them. Like I said, doesn't have to be as gifted as a Morelos or Defo when it comes to striker play just be a big battering ram and force the opposition to make tactical decisions. I think LD could play that role.
  5. I hope you wernt hopeing for someone to tell you.
  6. It would be the SPFL board
  7. Will wait and see, too many ITK people on this site so lets see if your legit!
  8. Hearts haven't been relegated yet, needs our league to be called off first so ICT where the champ vote and as was said PT was league 1 which is a farce tbh
  9. Too much, think I will take a break from listening to their shit
  10. I am counting those 2 votes as ours, they may not have backed the resolution but they never gave the SPFL any sort of vote of confidence.
  11. That Liewell puts him in when he is dressed up as a gimp and unable to get a hardon to pump MM in the arse while the SPFL board stand round chanting and being handeld 2 at a time by Hartson and Sutton, Michael Stweart handels 3 while trying to shout independence but you cant hear him cos he is mumbleing with the cock in his mouth, meanwhile in the corner Popcorn teeth is haveing to give Brown the heimlich manoeuvre trying to get a block of lego out that he swallowed while munching on it, all the time this is going on the Clyde one super score board team are playing beat the pundit, Hugh being paddled over the table while Kieth Jackson stands by himself fingering his own arsehole cos not even one of this rancid lot would even touch him then Doncasters room mate Joseph Fritzl comes home and is disgusted, even he wouldent hang about with this lot and before storming out tells Jackson to get his finger out and leave as they only want life long rancid tarrier basterds and not some shity finger turn coat............ Think I have been in lockdown to long!
  12. He is too arrogant to let anyone tell the SPFL (him) what to do.
  13. Stoped betting a while back, when your in work waiting for the Australian and the J league to kick off for over 1.5 goals while waiting for some player you never heard of to score first then you know there is an issue hahaha
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