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  1. I reckon if Columbia played a meaningless friendly at Hampden against Gibraltar there would be more people at it than a euro qualifier scotland game.
  2. Guy: Hero, hero, I looking for my fwend and heard he work here? Fat door man: whats his name? Guy: Zhou fook weins!
  3. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/54071/Algeria_vs_Colombia.html
  4. The Blue


    Its been too long since we could say that there is a mutal respect when it comes to our players, players who understand what is required to play for Rangers and importantly able to deliver it and the fans support and appreciation. We have gone from none of these players to more than a few in only a couple of years and Defo is right up there. Just need to seal it by winning a cup.
  5. The Blue


    Thats insane! Would love another year from him and I vould see him being a fantastic coach under SG too, who else would be better to show strikers how its done and the professionalism required for elite football.
  6. Footage of the Livingston mascot from last nights game
  7. I had the exact same feeling but your always going to get that, some people may want a video of that as a memory but I much prefer the memories of watching him in his prime and the utter euphoria of helicopter sunday.
  8. Just back from paying my respects, rest easy captin. FR2, Ranger, warrior, legend!
  9. It wasent just the win, the first half we ran over the top of them, great stuff!
  10. Yeah by far, he look like he was up for it kets hope he keeps it up and make the shirt his own.
  11. Did you not read the OP, he said dont say that ffs, are you trying to wind him up!
  12. You could see that free kick on sunday gave him a boost and was playing at the level of our team for the first time, just needs to keep playing like he did tonight (solid without being fantastic) and he will imporve. Look at big Katic, no one had heard of him last year and now I cant see why he would not be considered for a full Croatia cap and is playing like a fucking baller!
  13. The Blue


    He was supreme, love the big guy.
  14. If both teams have scored the same number of goals home and away after 180 minutes of football, then a result cannot be determined via the away goals rule. A standard, additional 30-minute period of extra time is played. I think this was recently updated but I could be wrong.
  15. Your right, it doesn't, just irritates me a bit when you see that then Mr biomechanics says St Mirren should have had a penalty and the free kick we scored from wasent a foul then you realise I am paying for this shit and worse still watching it. Only myself to blame, fuck it signing up to H&H patreon, at least they will have the same bias as me!
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