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  1. We should love him as much for staying as much as we hate the ones who abandoned us. A different kind of legend. It is just such a pity the dream of him going down with us and taking us back to the title never materialised.
  2. Gelsenkerchin for Schalke game. Met some fantastic guys from Wishaw and started Schalke loyal drunkenly.
  3. So I take it no one "knows this cunt" then
  4. And this is before pre season. God help us come the end of June. Though it may revert to problems getting tops before holidays by then
  5. Again I will repeat this as it is massively important. Our Protestant churches are empty and crumbling but no one is giving a fuck. If people actually genuinely cared about our faith (those who are Protestant) they would be in church and living as such. It is an absolute travesty that this is happening. Our forefathers fought and died to be able to worship in this way and no one is doing fuck all . There needs to be an education for some who do not even know what Protestant is, what unionist is and what loyalist is. It's embarrassing
  6. Because it is what he believes in. I march for things I believe in too. As do many thousand of Rangers fans.
  7. Arts and crafts at the special school was it
  8. Awwww did I upset the inbred knuckkedragger. Well I'm sure that when your small gene pool family tuck you in to bed tonight you will feel much better. You upset because the Rangers won today... Put you in a bad mood did it
  9. Who gives a fuck. It's a democracy. It was an independence march. If that's what he believes in then thats his choice. Fuck all to do with anyone else
  10. Please lock this thread. What an absolute embarrassment.
  11. I am talking about the claim that a wing of the snp armed the IRA. Things like that need proof. There is no doubt whatsoever we always get the blame for everything. But we need facts to prove innocence, not completely unsubstantiated claims.
  12. To be honest claims like that need to be backed up. Too much disinformation about right now and especially in here. Pretty difficult to fight against something when the evidence is false. I was curious by your claim and did not find anything about this anywhere. At this point they were using old second world war weaponry and guns brought in from Libya and the US. Happy to be wrong but I think this maybe a case of false stories getting planted.
  13. So you want to act like that other lot do whenever there is a silence or applause. Because this is the kind of behavior they go on with. Being a Rangers fan should mean we are better than them ffs. Not fuckin like them. Dignity. Simple surely.
  14. How do you know he did? Care to prove that. I await your evidence. In the meantime I think proving that we as a support have common decency and respect would be a far better use of everyone's time. Rather not stoop down to the level that those scum bags do across the city. Shameful
  15. Aye the journalists looking in here will be loving seeing our lowest common denominator thumping away on their keyboards with their fists. What an absolute embarrassment . Same ones that moan about them having no dignity. Utterly shameful. No one damages the reputation of our support more than the ones that spoon feed them exactly what they want. They want Rangers fans to fuck up. And some of them in here happily oblige over and over and over.
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