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  1. Time for the Tav fan boys to open their eyes. Guys a fucking joke of a captain. Another stinking performance. From his defending to his crossing. Even that last minute free kick was an absolute waste. He needs dropped.
  2. Stevie G got it wrong from the start, starting a game with ZERO width or pace against a defence that includes Boli Bolongoli. Morelos should have started aswell. First time ive tasted an old firm defeat at Ibrox...horrible feeling.
  3. Shocking performance, Time for him to be dropped.
  4. Agree mate, im having a wee 5er on 3-1 aswell. Buzzin for this. Hopefully get my brother to drive in so i can have afew cans!
  5. Does anyone know if i would be able to upgrade my wee lassies season ticket in the family stand to an adults ticket for next week?
  6. Anyone know how long you have to buy your tickets for this game if your a season ticket holder?
  7. Rugby on my virgin box aswell...fuckin rats better get it sorted
  8. Just noticed its supposed to be for an ex serviceman! Apologies.
  9. Ill donate £50 to the fund if its still available? Only ever been to 1 old firm game.
  10. Can i have the payment details aswell please! Cheers
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