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  1. why do we care if we wants to represent his country in the Olympics, i was pretty sure i read some posts time after time on match day threads saying he was shit and needs dropped?
  2. there's quite clearly a number of Rangers players recording it so it should be easy to see how much other videos are fabricated bullshit.
  3. Rangers lawyers seriously need to go after them big time and put a stop to this fabricated bullshit thats doing the rounds.
  4. alfie is a character........fucking love that wee guy.
  5. you know i'm still in shock gerrard is our manager, it only feels like a just a couple of years ago he was hitting piledrivers from 30 - 40 yards out and now he's steadied the ship, what a turn around. incredible.
  6. tears streaming down my face seeing greg hand the trophy over to tav (captain to captain)
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