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  1. i'll take the 3 points any day of the week but by god that was fucking disgraceful, gerrard you and your coaches need to have a good long talk because what we're seeing on the park is utter utter wank.
  2. i've always said you can pretty much get away with a leg breaker in scotland but when it comes to a tug in the middle of the park........nope.
  3. i think its safe to see a change of formation is badly needed, this 4-3-3 or whatever the fuck it is needs to get binned
  4. that was like the last game or the game before, davis i think passed to goldson who made a slack pass to shagger who had to kick out for a throw in and goldson was having a go at tav
  5. that ball boy looks like he's beeling
  6. that's just for the disco lights
  7. Mr potato head claims ex Rangers players wouldn't be banned from the tattie dome............. they banned frank De Boer in 2015
  8. or had they not fannied about with the ball outside the box instead of putting the ball in the box we might have scored another, instead aribo, tav, wright, kamara, borna and davis took an eternity to get the ball into the box. as for simpson jesus christ bring back rob keirnan
  9. this was our strongest team we put out today they said.............the womens team would have played better
  10. can we sub off the whole team? everyone of them don't deserve to wear that blue shirt
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