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  1. Win it for our gaffer Rangers, do it for Walter. It's going to be a very emotional night at Ibrox. Head full of memories.
  2. Touch of class, well done lads.
  3. Gutted, broken, devastated. I'll never forget you, gaffer.
  4. Unfortunately, Helander will be out for a while. Massive blow for us. Kent definitely a boost though.
  5. I used to like what Windass did for us at Ibrox. Always had a soft spot for the guy.
  6. The whole website is buffering. Usually everything is fine, just come back later and you should be good to go mate.
  7. He keeps progressing and I'm delighted with that. We need to be patient with him and I'm sure we won't regret this signing, for £0.
  8. If he could stay fit I'd love him at Ibrox.
  9. That's why I said it's very early, I hope he'll come good. For now, I can't see anything in him but I will be happy to be proven wrong in the coming weeks. Was sad to see him leaving the pitch tonight, it could've been a game for him. I spoke about Hagi because I like him in the middle of the park and I wish we see Kelly a lot more to be honest with you.
  10. I know it's very early but Bacuna is nothing special to me. I don't understand why we signed him in the first place, we have Kelly and Hagi sitting on the bench who could play this role.
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