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  1. Are we really selling a 110g bar of dairy milk for near on a £10 All for the club making the most of the success but surely that's taking the piss a bit?? Maybe I'm reading it wrong??
  2. Surely the blame should be laid at the door of celtic - no one was celebrating a Rangers result on Sunday!! If they had put out a clear statement on their spinelessness prior to the match on Sunday and asked fans not to rip the pish out of their inept defence of the league title , then I think everyone would have behaved impeccably. As it was, their hapless capitulation had people flood out into the streets in a manner which could clearly exacerbate the on-going pandemic putting many fine Rangers fans at risk. I expect a full apology
  3. Remember this getting played that day Tubthumping Would love it played first game back in the ground!!
  4. Feel like a leper not having the fucking red button - did somebody 'tape it' ??? Or at least give us poor bastards some idea of what he said??
  5. Your right - I was thinking next games, and us playing Cove, but that's third round!! Clearly I'm the clueless one .... doh!!
  6. Scotland play Austria on the 24th March and that leads into a three game international period, with matches at the weekend and the following midweek. It wouldn't be like the SFA to have no clue about their own fixtures, but a bizarre choice of dates where we will have a significant number of players leaving to join respective international squads. So just in case this becomes a fuck Scotland thread - we have Croatia playing on the 24th, Sweden on the 25th, Columbia on the 26th March, Nigeria on the 27th March etc The SFA are genuinely clueless!!
  7. Due to Covid I'm working with our Scottish office - I live in Glasgow and can't do my regular job, so got seconded back to support them - been working on and off with a lad who I was told was a massive celtic fan, so had made a very conscious decision never to talk about football, just to keep everything work related. On a call last week, got to the end and did the courtesy, 'hope you're OK, family doing well etc'. Guy starts going on about how he can't sleep because he's a big sellick fan and it's eating him up, and he can't cope with the way things are going. Doesn't matter what they'v
  8. Really hope Tanner was taken aside after and put in his place - one of the scummiest things I've seen in a press conference.
  9. The day we properly celebrate will be the day we hoist the flag at Ibrox in front of a full house - should be a full on celebration for ninety minutes, let some of the players who haven't experienced it understand what Ibrox is like when it's absolutely rocking!!
  10. Probably in the minority but I want us to win it at Ibrox - celebrate at home rather than their dump. Then go there as Champions.
  11. The SNP aren't 'calling Rangers out' nor has Sturgeon. In fact so far they have only praised Rangers for being swift in their actions to address the moronic behaviour of some of their staff, who the club have also called out to the same degree. Everyone, bar some people in the media, who are knowingly trying to grab headlines, acknowledge there is little clubs can do to stop players being morons out of 'office hours'. The league isn't going to be stopped. The only people keeping this issue alive are tired and talentless journalists who have fuck all else to write. I'd imagine the First Mi
  12. Haven't seen criticism of Rangers by either Scottish Govt or UK Govt. The 'threat to the league' stuff is all media generated - and the more credence people give to these type of stories, the more made up shite like that gains strength and influence. His feelings seem to actually be the same as everyone in authority, not counter to it. That Rangers have acted swiftly and correctly in the way they have dealt with Covid breaches by their employees, and they have rightly been praised for the actions they have taken.. If people want to have a predictable pop at Sturgeon, then fine,
  13. Thought the wee man was great tonight, hugely influential, makes everyone around him better! Far more confident for the run in now that he's back
  14. Girl I know works with the police just said to me that 'I hear your South African player got in a bit of bother at that party'. Corrected her by saying it was youth players and the names are pretty much known. She was fairly adamant it was a S Arican player - knows nothing about football other than who I support. She had no idea of names, and maybe just listening to office gossip, but she seemed sure so maybe something to the Zungu rumours after all?? Said it was a definitely a party - not a delivery driver grassing up players. Make of it what you will - assume we'll know soon enough
  15. Is the lad we just signed from Bournemouth not a left back??
  16. And to be honest, maybe it was Friday night/Saturday morning - genuinely can't keep track of the fucking days right now!!!
  17. Good shout - that would make far more sense!! Was loud and more like firecrackers, so that would fit the profile
  18. I resemble that comment!! Probably entirely unrelated but there were fireworks going off in that direction back of midnight, early Sunday morning - was thinking who the fuck would be dumb enough to be setting off fireworks during lockdown. But I guess youth footballers and their pals would probably fit that profile!! As I say, no reason to think they would be linked, other than I've no doubt the police would have been called and it was around that time...but the fireworks could have been anywhere over that side of Hyndland
  19. Got to agree with the OP, Morelos drags players constantly out of position, his link up play has at times this season been exceptional, strong when he comes back to defend set pieces and provides us with an obvious goal threat. Itten does almost none of these things and needs someone beside him to give him the room to score. Morelos being out is clearly his fault and indiscipline is part of his game that is going to hold him back professionally unless he can eventually screw the nut Think he is essential for us in big games - and would love to see him extend his stay at Ibrox - witho
  20. We miss Morelos so much and Itten is no replacement for what he brings to the game. Team selection was so similar to the St Mirren game in the cup, and the performance was much the same. Zungu and Itten are decent off the bench, but neither are starters for me. Roofe needs Morelos to create him the space, so there's a definite partnership there, but as a lone striker, Roofe doesn't offer that much either. Should have stolen the three points today - and not sure why they went for the late goal instead of just holding possession. Tav being out of position so late on was mental Hop
  21. Guess that's that. Nice that we could take it for granted all of our best players want to be here for 55
  22. No real complaints on our dealings. Good loan deals out and a few of the pre contract players now get to bed in properly Interesting that Aberdeen have probably strengthened in terms of goalscorers and that mob have significantly weakened by losing two of their better players and not bringing in a centre half. Strange given that they have three games against Aberdeen and two against us, so far from challenging us they've probably gone some way to make the race for second far tighter than anyone would have imagined.
  23. If we win our six games in the run up we will be on 90 points. If they win all their games in the run up then the maximum points they could get from the remaining fixtures would be 91. So if both keep winning g a draw wins it at their dump. Looking at their fixtures I think we win it the week before and they can offer the Champions a guard of honour - to me that would be more fun!
  24. To think the January old firm game, had they won, they could have brought it to four points, were still in the same calendar month and it's an actual seventeen point lead even if they win their games in hand, which on current form is far from a given. Won't celebrate until it's won, but fuck me, we have destroyed them this season!!
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