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  1. I was surprised at the time, but I think he's a big influence in the dressing room, maybe a reason for the extension. I doubt we'll see as much of him next season
  2. Well same argument could be used over this season. I would be amazed if Shiels gets a new contract
  3. None of them have performed with any consistency or the required quality over the last 3/4 years to justify a new contract. And they will all be on decent money. No brainier to release them
  4. When they are putting in that level of performance, getting ploughed by QOS, then they deserve every boo amied at them. I say them, because that is not a Rangers team, never in a million years. Those charlatans need to know its not good enough
  5. Let them But tell them we'll take the same allocation in the future when we go there. They will soon change their tune
  6. Incredible. If the SPFL are going to take a cut then it really should be kept in the country and improving the game, ie. put into grassroots football, full time referees etc. I personally wouldn't have a problem with the cut if that was the case. Scottish football really is dying on its arse
  7. The MacLeod money won't be going anywhere near the playing squad. Probably just to make sure we can pay the bills over the next month. We need serious investment before spending on players, even for a bosman the current wages would have to be trimmed substantially. .
  8. Our problem is that football is played on the pitch and not on paper. There's been nothing from us this season to even suggest we would beat them from scratch just now, never mind being 12 points behind.
  9. Never mind how much it would cost to get rid of him.... Can we honestly afford not to sack him? 9 points behind the micks in November is unacceptable, never mind 9 behind Hearts in the 1st fucking division. 3 homes games before Xmas, dread to think what those attendances will be.
  10. We're you at the game? From what I remember, 2 shots on target? Not one single positive to be taken from the game. Who knows maybe next week if things aren't going our way, we'll just swap the ineffective wide players around and hope for the best again!!! And when that doesn't work, just bring on Daly and pump the ball high and long for him and hope for a break. The worst performance from a Ranges team I've seen
  11. How can people even try and defend that list? We're fucking Rangers playing in the Scottish lower leagues against part timers and journeymen. Should've been a 100% home leauge record untill we were promoted back to the SPL.
  12. Yesterday was the worst performance in the last 3 years, and I have no faith in the team or manager to get anything next week. We need to score 1st, as McCoist has no clue whatsoever how to change a game. We go behind, were done. And no doubt playing a 4-5-1 against a much hungrier team, I can't see how we'll go in front. Hearts win, usual excuses, McCoist keeps his job and we plod on going nowhere as normal.
  13. Because he went bankrupt does that mean he's not the same person as before? Just curious....
  14. Hearts 8/13 for the league in October..... To blindly hope that Hearts are going to collapse is a dangerous way of going about things. They've shown no sign so far, and any points they do drop will no doubt be matched by us. They might've been lucky yesterday, but don't they say playing poorly and nicking games is the sign of champions? It's something we certainly cant do right now - compare our visit to Alloa We might have a bigger squad, but the problem is that 80-90% of the players are fucking hopeless. Strength in depth only works when the players are any good! IMO the only way were going
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