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  1. If the SF or Final had been against a Motherwell, ST Johnstone or other mob like that, then everyone who was on CCCS and priority would have got a ticket. The TO aren't to know who we're going to get in later rounds let alone if we even make it. But when we play someone who'll sell half the stadium then tough choices have to be made. The people who've put the most into the club and committed to from renewal time have got priority over others. Them the breaks.
  2. If the club does that then the guys who maybe work offshore or down south etc would maybe reconsider joining the CCCS, costing the club money so it's catch22 really. I never went to the Monday night LC game due to a ridiculous 2 day hangover ? But my mate took his father in law so my smartcard was used, although not by me, so there's never going to be a 100% fool proof way to distribute tickets
  3. I don't think a loyalty scheme would work. For example everyone on CCCS would all be on the same points, so a ballot would still be required as there just isn't enough tickets to go round when we only get half of Hampden. A loyalty scheme for away games wouldn't be fair either IMO. The guys with the most points will always buy a ticket for whatever games they are offered, as they will just filter their tickets down through their bus etc, meaning it would become a closed shop for the tighter allocations. As unfair as it can seem at times, I think the TO are working things as fair as t
  4. I missed out in the original ballot for the league cup semi, but got one a week before the game after the club got extra tickets so I wouldn't give up all hope just yet
  5. Capping it isn't going to do anything other than starve the club of some money. I'd bet that the club ideally would want every season ticket holder on the CCCS. It isn't right that you've missed out on both Semi Finals this season tho
  6. Think it's inevitable there will be an increase, think mines was £420(?) last year, fully expecting it to go up by about £40-£50
  7. He got tore apart in the cup game at Fir Park, but after that for a couple of months he improved the defensive side of his game considerably. Then like the flick of a switch a Tynecastle he has reverted back to last seasons defender
  8. An absolute shambles of a season. Manager and board equally responsible. Granted we've not got millions available for transfers but the money that has been spent has been spent terribly. That's the managers fault. His other signings in the summer have been a disaster too. Knowing there's no money, and clearly not willing to put their hands in their pockets, why are the club marketing this 'going for 55' pish? Putting ridiculous pressure on the management without giving them the tools to do it. Then there's the inheritance and 'We'll spend whatever it takes', don't use tho
  9. Selling a Leipzig ticket, Rangers end. Face value + £1 web booking fee. £11
  10. I like reading these older threads as it gives an insight as to how things were during the 9IAR era. At '96 I was only 10 and remember not being able to understand how we were always getting pumped when we won every week in the league A great example was during the week when I heard the terrible news about Daniel Prodan, my first thought was back to when he scored a winner against us in the 90th min for Steuea if only Smith had the tactical nous back then that he had in his second spell
  11. Paid and been to the last 4 rounds on CCCS. No ticket. Not a happy boy.
  12. In my opinion the RSCs allocation should be cut to accommodate everyone who's been on CCCS since the start of the season. Most guys who go on RSCs every week are ST holders who are on CCCS, so the tickets just filter down to people who maybe haven't been to all leauge games, never mind early cup games
  13. Forrester must be raging. How he never started - never mind come on - is incredible.
  14. I was surprised at the time, but I think he's a big influence in the dressing room, maybe a reason for the extension. I doubt we'll see as much of him next season
  15. Well same argument could be used over this season. I would be amazed if Shiels gets a new contract
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