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  1. ally mccoist.nice guy.rangers niar legend.total disaster as a rangers manager.look at his record and remember he turned a 15 point lead into a 4 point defecit even when jelavic was still here.too many of you guys are blinded to these facts due to the sympathy ally has amassed due to the admin fiasco.great pundit on telly but totally inept at any tactics.and don't even start on the majority of his signings.le guen did better on a games played ratio and he got chased.i await the onslaught of the ally mccoist fan club.....
  2. ally mccoist will always be a gers legend so it really hurts me to see him so far out of his depth.he should return to being a talking head on the telly where his patter and charisma would be more appreciated.wattie was so wrong to brand him as heir apparent as our recent various cup teams wattie let ally pick were always mince and tatically inept.nice guy but totally crap manager.
  3. mccoist is tatically out of his depth and only got the job by default as whyte was afraid of a backlash by not honouring murray's promise to mccoist.great player,nice guy and a good pundit but a shite manager.and far too close to the current staff after his stint as walter's sidekick.
  4. lennon will be guaranteed maximum exposure for public sympathy after that hearts fan trying to gie him a slap tonight........
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