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  1. At least he didn't have to flee the country whilst be pursued by both the UDA & UVF like poor old John (Donate or i'm quiting) James. Imagine not being able to return to Glasgow because you would be assassinated upon leaving the airport.
  2. Are you saying it isn't?. Ill Phil 5 names/1 jacket, James Clabby/Kirk, Mad Joe O'Rourke, Pat McVey (Auldheid) all say it is a respected site and they can't all be wrong again surely.
  3. Didn't bother checking to see so i replace the fat mess that is Andy Muirhead with the man with a set of teeth that Neil Lennon would be ashamed of, Paul Brennan.
  4. I thought that the fat mess that is Andy Muirhead had folded his anti-Rangers Scotzine site but i guess if there's still money to be made from hating us he will be near the front of the queue. Child support must be expensive.
  5. It's not the quantity it's the quality that counts.
  6. Attended both games and can't believe they were 30 years ago. Aberdeen were a very good team back then and were our main rivals at the time, so to win the majority of the games was testimony to how good we were. Some outstanding talent on display in both games.
  7. Don't think it will be happening. I believe we are playing Kilmarnock on the 10th of July in another closed doors game.
  8. Just shows why WATP Candeias also played part of the game.
  9. Playing Kilmarnock on the 10th i believe. Will also be behind closed doors
  10. Honestly don't think he's good enough at present for the standard of player required. No doubt that he's a very good finisher though.
  11. Apparently a 3-0 victory with Morelos, Hardie & Windass scoring. Alnwick, Hodson, Pena, Wilson, Rossiter, Windass, Morelos,Herrera, Hardie, Beerman all taking part.
  12. Truth is he was two different players. Pre & Post injury. Pre injury player was potentially one of the best we had seen and could have gone on to play at the very highest level Post injury was still a very good player but had to change his playing style and adapt his game accordingly. Tragedy for both Iain and us is we were denied the opportunity to find out just how his career would have progressed
  13. Exactly, so why do it?. Did the same a couple of seasons ago v Hibs or Hearts iirc. Pointless behaviour by brain dead morons
  14. What does the throwing of rolled up pieces of paper achieve?
  15. Asking our fans to be patient.
  16. Rangers have placed orders the minimum amount of strips for a couple of years now. Good business decision and fans will just have to be patient.
  17. Maybe he's just a liar playing to that papers audience. Sometimes the simple reason is the truth.
  18. "Honest Joe" claimed GR had made racist comments while on a tour in Canada. Video evidence showed that to be untrue. GR was dismissed but took the club to a tribunial and won compensation (cant remember the amount) "Honest Joe" had also received money from coaching sessions on the same tour and claimed it had been used for expenses when asked to hand it over. "Honest Joe" might not be honest imo. PS Can we hire Linfields PR team please.
  19. The only factual part of any of his articles was the date.
  20. Really?. Total fantasist who plays on the warped minds of the obsessed and tells them everything they want to hear.
  21. Agree that with us not being there it obviously devalues anything they win.
  22. Understand all that but to say they didn't win them is wrong. Simple as that. If they didn't win them who did?. The fact that DK mentions them so often really pisses me off. Forget about them and concentrate fully on returning us to where we should be.
  23. In the early 90s they may as well have been in a different division, such was the gap between the clubs. Didn't stop me celebrating each & every one of them though. DK gave us the best few days we have had in years and we will be eternally grateful for that. However the comments regarding the gap and whether titles counted or not have achieved nothing.
  24. There is no point!, that's what you don't get.
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