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  1. Where on the website is it apparently telling people they've been successful? The only mention I've seen of it is on the waiting page and it says "Pre-req Description:Successful in Celtic Ballot 17/04/16" Surely people aren't interpreting that as you have been successful?
  2. Some amount of pish being spouted in this thread. For a start, he's an attacking midfielder 'by trade'. Also can't understand the stick some people are giving him? Minus the game vs St Johnstone, he's hardly had a bad game in a position that isn't his natural one. Can't remember the exact amount, but he was Livis top scorer at centre mid in his last season there, albeit a lower quality division but it shows the goal scoring ability he' got. Would love to see us sign a tough CDM and have Andy & Holt infront of him.
  3. Not sure if there will be an option to buy at the end of the loan deals, but i'd rather see our own boys get game time instead of bringing through talent for other clubs! Good to see we're adding some strength in depth though.
  4. Having read the thread, I'm now convinced RFC#1 is the guy who ran on the pitch.
  5. ^^^ Posted that in the thread when he first signed. Always been similar to him even in school teams.
  6. Watch out for the way he runs with the ball/passes etc. Scarily similar to Barry Ferugson.
  7. Dorrans & Griffiths too. Had some other players go on to SPL as well. Was good mates with Andy at school and played in the same team as him before he went to Rangeres/Livi. He was always CM and imo that is his best position by far, wasted at left back if we play him there. He was superb for Livi there in that position. He didn't get released by Bradford either, he didn't take the new deal. Delighted for him and the family, look forward to seeing him at Ibrox this season.
  8. Manchester 08 and Lyon at Ibrox the same season when they pumped us 3-0 and Darcheville missed from about a yard out
  9. Got 2 spares for Clyde away tomorrow, £12 each, can't make it. Any takers?
  10. Love Gazza, but no-one pours the drink down his throat, self inflicted unfortunately.
  11. Some absolutely abysmal shouts in this thread. Faubert and Gravesen ending up at Real Madrid are the worst 2 I can think of.
  12. If possible: Left hand side blue, right hand side red Cazorla on the red side Templeton on the blue side, Arsenal + Rangers badge in the middleish! With my username as well. I'm not fussy eh? Cheers!
  13. It's a premium gold pack + 8k.
  14. AndyRfc

    Halo 4

    Can't wait. Halo 3 was the best game i've ever played. Just hope the online is as good as H3 and nothing like Halo Reach.
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