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  1. aye fair, that's asking for trouble.
  2. Hmm, I thought the 7/10 comment was fair. Wasn't exactly saying we were shite. The guy who asked the question was Jordan Campbell btw.
  3. Worth noting some of the players from that team went to Rennes who are the CL now.
  4. Yep - not really sure how well known he is over there right enough
  5. In fairness, I'm sure we had the first African player to play in European competition, who was South African?
  6. philiprfc


    I think it'll be Morelos who starts next week. I can see either Roofe or Itten starting vs Poznan.
  7. You can't argue with the numbers.
  8. Big test next week, that place has been dodgy for us in recent years. Been outstanding this month though.
  9. I'm really not sure where the 'all round poor' descriptions are coming from.
  10. Don't think it's the best by any means but I've always loved this strike
  11. I was saying last night, it's pretty mad that we've still got Aribo and Roofe to come back fully into this team, and this Zungu lad too who I'm assuming will be getting game time in the coming weeks. Exciting stuff.
  12. Honestly, struggling to think of a better goal.
  13. It's not just scoring. Guy's touch and control is such a let down at the moment. He's had flashes of quality this season but he's largely been off it since Christmas. Need the old Morelos back.
  14. Tell you what, they'll be thinking twice about the 3-5-2 nonsense, and if they do go to a back four with him in it, they are absolutely fucked.
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