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  1. The Colombians don't rate him sadly. Think a few Colombian strikers have moved into Europe too - and there's one now playing in the PL for Watford after being loaned out for a few years.
  2. I think there are people in the team who could conceivably score the same amount roughly barring injuries. We will however have to change how we play up top. It just never works without Alfredo.
  3. I do think Alfredo will leave, and to be honest, I can't fault him. Just hope Roofe can step up and keep fit, really think he can be a monster for us if so.
  4. If Ange is their Pedro, McCarthy feels like their Dorrans. (As much as we all wanted Dorrans to work out) It's a hit and hope signing, rather than sensible.
  5. Tremendous there - know it was a weaker Real team but realistically that's still a very good team for our level. We were excellent, looked really sharp. Have a very good feeling about Lundstram and Sakala, and we've still got Roofe, Aribo, Morelos to come back in. In a really good place.
  6. It's probably safe to assume that the landscape of monitoring heart health in these type of medicals may have changed in the last few weeks given recent events.
  7. Wit the fuck are we doing at the back?
  8. Unlucky, initially good reading from Middleton but Nketiah just on him like a flash. Making our own problems yet again.
  9. Potentially being loaned out is the rumour
  10. Thought Middleton was going back to St. Johnstone?
  11. Not great viewing, but tbh, being made to look shite at times. Struggling to handle their pressing and their quality up top is showing. The missing players on our side too, we've nobody who can really carry the ball apart from Tav.
  12. Are Sakala and Oforborh joining up today?
  13. The Colombian fans I've saw on Twitter seem to really dislike Alfredo (in particular for some reason) and their other strikers, but I've watched one or two games of Colombia recently and what I will say is that they have some good players but as a team, they are fucking howling. Good at doing some complicated stuff like the set piece goal against Ecuador, but there's very little patterns of play, no cohesion, some of their better attackers like Cuadrado are ridiculously greedy. They don't really create a lot of chances. Doesn't seem like the sort of team/setup that a player like Alfredo will thrive in, and it seems the same for others like Zapata, who is a superb striker playing for a very good Atalanta team.
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