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  1. Don't really know much about him, but he's scoring goals for a mid table Belgian team in arguably a stronger league, is a good age for sell on etc. Would seem a good signing on paper.
  2. It's early days but he's looked like a real good fit for the team. Hopefully he gets a full game soon to prove himself.
  3. He reminded me of a better Bassey today. His athleticism allows him to maraud down that wing and also quickly recover if anyone gets behind, and I was pleasantly surprised at his delivery. Should have had an assist.
  4. What an unreal player he is on his day.
  5. Maybe for lower league players, as it was discussed a few weeks ago?
  6. I think my opinion is the same as with Edmundson, it's not a final strike but it's bad and they have to be very lucky and work very hard to make their way back in the good books. Zungu, imo, should be fucked off at earliest opportunity. No excuse for him.
  7. I thought it was a clear red. He's no meant it, but it doesn't change the fact it's dangerous. I'd be very surprised if he gets cited for it, it's not violent conduct and it's not simulation, but if they do, it will just show that they make the rules up and can re-referee anything that they don't like arbitrarily.
  8. Shoulda been outta sight by HT, so it was harder than it needed to be. Another game closer...
  9. I think you won't enjoy it if you didn't like The Witcher.
  10. They've got the sheep twice coming up, Killie away on Tuesday, St Mirren away. Honestly reckon we could have it all wrapped up by the middle of next month.
  11. He'll play the next few games I think. St Johnstone and Hamilton. Perfect time to let him get a run and get Roofe back involved properly.
  12. Guy's such a good player.
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