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  1. He was on the plane to Belfast tonight.
  2. The league winners start at home so we will be away. I reckon it will be StMirren.
  3. At the time Chelsea hooligans were particularly bad and in the news every other week, football hooliganism was rife down there. We came out Fulham Broadway tube station and a line of police horses were holding back the Chelsea fans. These fans were in a frenzy and we realised they were chanting " we hate celtic, we hate celtic". During the game when Rangers scored the Chelsea fans cheered our goals as well as their own. Ive seen a few things following Rangers but that was truly unique.
  4. I really dont get why we stand off them when they have posession and when we have the ball the have a man tight against a blue jersey. Seriously is there something i dont understand here?
  5. Im no Brian Clough but why is it when we go forward the opposition have us closed down and tight on us yet when our opponent attacks us they have plenty of space and that extra half yard? Noticed last night especially in the first half Juve were standing off Madrid and allowing them space to move. Absolute suicidal but seems a favourite of ours.
  6. Give them the whole stadium. And fit electric chairs.
  7. Never forget Manchester. Always have been and always will be.
  8. The tickets went on sale Monday morning and it was sold out in the afternoon.
  9. Don't want to burst the bravado bubble but the gap is where they can get the the likes of P Roberts on loan and the kid from Chelsea. They can get a Dembele and have an EPL manager whereas we have our youth team coach. Unfortunately that's the gap.
  10. To suggest any of their recent trophy wins are some sort of achievement you would be mentally backward.
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