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  1. Unbelievable how many breaks they get in Europe as you say. So many times the opposition end up down to 10 men.
  2. If hes not starting fires hes involved in car crashes. Whats this headcase going to do next .?
  3. Very sad news has just broken. RIP Butch and thanks for the memories.
  4. This Palestine nonsense makes me cringe with embarasment. Wee clowns reading on the internet about Palestine as they dont know the first thing about it . They must talk about it amongst themselves, kidding on they really care. This seems to be the in thing with them, makes you a bigger sellic fan. Nothing more than cringeworthy pish and any sensible person knows it. Speaking of sensible persons you'd think the media would pick up on it. Then again who's the worst of the two evils.
  5. There will be some of them who will waken during the night thinking surely they couldnt lose at Aberdeen and at Ibrox. Surely they couldnt drop more points and lose this league? Some of them will be having sleepless nights over this. If Rangers were to do the unthinkable and actually win this league the celebrations would be like nothing Scotland has seen before. The darker side is they wouldnt be able to take it. Remember how they reacted when we won the league at Parkhead? They caused carnage that night in Glasgow and they would cause much more serious damage this time. They
  6. Apparently outside the qualifying games its 4 years since that mob won a home game in Europe. I find that stat absolutely incredible. The way this mob bang on you'd think they were Real Madrid.
  7. They can kid themselves all they like but we know what real derby they turn up for.
  8. That BBC commentator referred to them as the invincibles. Beaten last week by Killie, thumped by Hearts and regular thrashings in Europe. FFS BBC have a day off and give us all peace. That commentator gives the word "moron" a whole new meaning.
  9. Their bitterness knows no boundaries. We know the fans are unbalanced bigots but coming from their official club twitter? FFS get a grip of yourselves. Somebody tell this football club there is more to life than hatred.
  10. If Murty had taken this half seriously this was there for the taking.
  11. “He sent me a nice text the other day when he was arriving in Barcelona,” said Brendan Rodgers. Think this proves Rodgers is a fanny.
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