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  1. 14 minutes ago, Straight-Edge-Loyal said:

    Their support  turned up at Ibrox in the stupid pope hats during that time they've always been a taig supported club. 

    Most of the guys I know who followed them  absolutely hate the scum, but it seems they have been infiltrated by the tarrier scum like a few other clubs. 
    There used to be a few guys from Dunfermline sat behind me when I had my season ticket in the Copland rear ,they talked quite highly of them. 
    But it now looks like times have totally changed mate. 

  2. 3 hours ago, KingKirk said:


    Katic hasn't improved since he arrived at Rangers. I like his aggression to attack the ball but his positional sense is woeful.

    5/6million would be about right.

    Think he has improved mate but imagine you as a young centre half having to play alongside Goldson. If on the other hand he had someone in the mould of Butcher Gough Or Greig I’m sure you would see a totally different more confident young defender. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Louden_Greg said:

    That sounds like the confirmation email as it just shows the full ST price plus a £10 fee for using the installments.


    Been a few fans confused by it but that email coming through means you can now go on and update your CCCS preferences

    Thanks a lot mate I realised that a wee bit later .

    Done the cccs scheme and my Gers too. 

  4. Hi can anyone put me in touch with the slo. I’ve just received an email from Rangers telling me I’ve purchased my season ticket in one payment. I had chosen to pay by monthly instalments starting on the 29/5, I tried phoning but just get all lines are closed. I’ve sent an email to the webmail address but am concerned that this will take the usual weeks to reply. 
    thanks in advance 

  5. 12 minutes ago, 72barca said:

    Before you can go to UEFA you have to pass through the SFA.

    However, why would you be afraid of the SFA not acting properly against the SPFL when these aims are taken straight from their website? ...


    Football Governance is an integral part of the Scottish FA’s role as the national governing body, encompassing the key regulatory functions of Anti-Doping, Child Wellbeing & Protection, Club Licensing, Disciplinary, Security & Integrity and Player Registrations.

    The Scottish FA is firmly committed to the principles of good governance: we ensure that fairness, transparency, equity and integrity are at the heart of all we do. We endeavour to maintain robust and relevant rules, policies and practices by implementing a process of continuous improvement, taking on board views of key stakeholders and the constantly evolving cultural and environmental landscape within the game.

    Especially with these board members ...

    The main Board consists of eight members: the Scottish FA Office Bearers (Rod Petrie, President; Ian Maxwell, Chief Executive; and Michael Mulraney, Vice President), plus Neil Doncaster (PGB), Duncan Fraser (PGB), Thomas McKeown (NPGB) and independent non-executive directors, Ana Stewart and Malcolm Kpedekpo.

    Just a gut feeling mate 

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  6. 11 minutes ago, Bears r us said:

    I am one of the few who is not convinced that our statement is saying we are taking this further, but I could well be wrong and hope I am wrong.

    I am also not in any way saying the board are wrong if they do stop, because I am not sure we can afford to pay for a court case and that would I assume be the only step left.

    So before I also take a break from this thread for a wee while, can anyone give me their ideas what we can do to take this further. I think we can rule out any other club helping now in any way and that will include a no confidence vote. 



    As the SFA have had a hand involved in the past few weeks with mulraney spouting. The next step would be uefa. An if that fails CAS. 

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  7. 6 minutes ago, Alwaysblue said:

    Just come back in after dinner and have read most of the recent posts and the statement.

    At this stage the statement is fine. It tells us we will continue. How do we do it I don't know but I'm sure the board knew we wouldn't get the necessary numbers, although like me I think they thought we would do better.

    I would suggest the no confidence route is a non starter as I doubt we would get the 51%. So where does that leave us? We go legal? or we know that maladministration has taken place, possibly fraud. It might well be a police matter depending on what evidence we have . I'm certain we have more than released. You don't show all your hand. I would think a lot would be held back for the II. Also there are strict rules on running a business. It would appear they have not followed these. Its a wait and see now but it hasn't gone away

    UEFA I think is the next port of call then CAS. If not successful there. 

  8. Just keep doing what your doing Rangers,you have them where you want them. Show them nothing. If this has to play out all the way to court go for it. 
    I for one will gladly sit back and watch these bastards implode.
     But again we’ve stood strong up to now I see know reason to change our stance. Maybe release a wee statement on Friday around 5 just reiterating our position. 

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  9. As the meeting will be carried out via conference call we shouldn’t release our evidence until the EGM starts as that allows all clubs to receive it at the same time.  It should be minuted as item 1 to be discussed and voted on by each member club in alphabetical order to maintain order throughout which will be a very long and arduous meeting. 


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