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  1. I blame the schools you know 不不不不不不不不
  2. Looks like that mess Sheridan
  3. Have you seen the nick of that prick Walker on Sky sports. He looks to be in total shock.Unwashed unshaven a real tinky bassa. He looks as if something or someone has crawled over the top of him.
  4. That Forrest runs like hes got a dildo up his ass 不不不
  5. The big move is on to claim the points. A club without shame.
  6. Walker is a fucking rat bastard. I would never tire from punching his arrogant smug puss.
  7. From the kick off it was evident the set up was totally wrong. He should have changed it. Hopefully lesson learned.
  8. We should keep it in the garden shed to be brought out for times of amusement.
  9. Cause hes a nappy rippin wean touching dirty paedo bastard. Tick Tock ya tinky Cnut.
  10. Anyone who would take a job at that rancid club can be described as simply, without conscience !
  11. Watching that has made me realise again just how much I want to see us back on top and ramming it down all those hateful bastards throats.
  12. Our chicken shit board will do nothing. Unless it directly affects king.
  13. Dorrans was hacked down by that arse power of Kilmarnock. Which led to his long term injury.
  14. Even looks down to make sure he catches him. Clubfoot bastard.
  15. Yeh totally with U on that. Bitter twisted pricks.
  16. To be honest mate,do u really think SG will be bothered by those wee pipsqueaks on Sportscene. Especially that wee wanker Stewart. Or The Scottish Bullshit broadcasting company. Im sure hell have thrown bigger out of the way to have a scrap.
  17. Will we hear our justice minister Humza Useless. Make a statement harranging his bosses hubbies team, or are there no vote winning triumph harranging there core vote. Sticks and stones Mr useless. But in your eyes And your parties eyes. Words hurt more. Sturgeon came out after players were assaulted after the cup final praising her hubbies team. Will we see her or Humza useless condem them this time. I wont hold my breath. As there is no mileage in it for them. When they can condemn big bad Rangers fans for singing songs. As I said Sticks and stones , you wont do anything against
  18. Another fan on the pitch at Arsenal and goes straight to Smalling before running to the Arsenal players.
  19. And close the offenders stadium for a minimum 2 games. Once it is made completely clear which team they follow, so no fans can deliberately do it at an opposition ground. Mind you the SFA / Spfl / press / BBC would still find a way to blame Rangers fans.
  20. I said in another thread we need somehow to get a Captain who will crack heads and take no shit. All successful Rangers teams have had a totally dominant Leader on the park. Then we will see a massive difference in our onfield demeanour.
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