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  1. Work with a fenian the self entitlement from these cunts are unreal put these cunts to the sword Rangers, a Morelos goal hurt them even more would be great
  2. Jamie Murphy pre injury would be the best winger we have at the club now,, not sure if that tells you more about Murphy or the state of the wingers we have now!
  3. How do u get this mate? U need to enter a code or something?
  4. I got my black and orange zipper, how do the store normally deliver through royal mail or?
  5. Because his 29 goals this season hasn't helped us at all 🙄
  6. B.Ferguson was on fire before he left for Blackburn
  7. Info still comes up on him in the Rangers loan watch each week
  8. Anyone know the prices for hospitality and of its worth the cost? Tried to find the prices on club website but no luck
  9. Just waiting for a fans video at the end 🇬🇧🇬🇧
  10. Duncn

    RSC Perth

    Any idea where it’s at? Can’t find much online about it
  11. Duncn

    RSC Perth

    Going over to Perth Australia tomorrow wondering if there’s somewhere I can watch old firm Sunday ??
  12. Fantastic performance from the big man my MOM
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