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  1. Agreed, don't jinx it. I'll stick with SG's point of view. "If" - Steven Gerard
  2. It would be. This might be why DD wants a board room shake up with his son taking over. I'm trying to find out if the CO-OP bank has off loaded it's debt to Cerberus.
  3. The caffeine and red bull has to be their best excuse yet for not playing well.
  4. Cerberus Capital Management have had takeover talks with the co-op. I was wondering if they would offer them the same deal as the co-op on the loans https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/markets/article-8963401/Co-op-Bank-deal-spells-devastation-customers-warns-MP.html
  5. I think there will be more tears there
  6. Not yet. Apparently DD wants his son to spearhead a shake up within their club through his principal investment at Ventura Holdings. Is this how a business is flipped to a new company? We'll need to keep an eye on the LSE.
  7. Read in the papers that Desmond wanted a boardroom shake up. I think it was in The Sun.
  8. I wonder if the reason for their boardroom shake up is due to Cerberus Capital Management buying the CO-OP banks debt and not offering cfc the same deal?
  9. I think he will be sacrificed so that Lawwell can keep his job, their fans will fall for it but Lawwell will keep sucking money out of them with his big bonus's and his need to control everything. They are all to blame for their digression with their greed. It will be interesting the next few weeks
  10. Can't see them getting their ST money collected, their fans are raging at the amount that's been squandered.
  11. That's gross negligence from their board wasting that amount of money. Their fans should be demanding a forensic investigation into this. I can't see their fans doing that because Lawwell will be hard to remove. I remember when our club had 70m wasted and our fans demanded a forensic investigation, they also protested to remove the likes of Stockbridge etc. Stockbridge was even made to pay his bonus's back. I can't see Lawwell paying his bonus's back.
  12. Ah I didn't know that, makes sense now.
  13. Agreed plenty of clubs in the EPL would want him, I think it's a case of wait and see. I too think their next manager will need to be brave..... and crazy for taking the job.
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