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  1. I was answering your question as to why they don't cancel the league.
  2. Ross Desmond? There's supposed to be a board room shake up and DD wants to hand over to his son.
  3. Unless he's not retiring and been sacked for gross mismanagement. If that's the case will he be retiring from the boards of the SPFL, SFA, UEFA?
  4. When did Turkey become dubai? Did Lawwell abuse the power of his many hats to make this trip go ahead? Why hasn't cfc been cited for breach of covid rules?
  5. It would be. This might be why DD wants a board room shake up with his son taking over. I'm trying to find out if the CO-OP bank has off loaded it's debt to Cerberus.
  6. The caffeine and red bull has to be their best excuse yet for not playing well.
  7. Cerberus Capital Management have had takeover talks with the co-op. I was wondering if they would offer them the same deal as the co-op on the loans https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/markets/article-8963401/Co-op-Bank-deal-spells-devastation-customers-warns-MP.html
  8. Not yet. Apparently DD wants his son to spearhead a shake up within their club through his principal investment at Ventura Holdings. Is this how a business is flipped to a new company? We'll need to keep an eye on the LSE.
  9. Read in the papers that Desmond wanted a boardroom shake up. I think it was in The Sun.
  10. I wonder if the reason for their boardroom shake up is due to Cerberus Capital Management buying the CO-OP banks debt and not offering cfc the same deal?
  11. I think he will be sacrificed so that Lawwell can keep his job, their fans will fall for it but Lawwell will keep sucking money out of them with his big bonus's and his need to control everything. They are all to blame for their digression with their greed. It will be interesting the next few weeks
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