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  1. Feeling so emotional over this today. Ridiculous!! Two great goals but let’s get more
  2. I’m desperate for us to do well in Europe so it’s weird I feel more relaxed about this than the Dundee United game coming up.
  3. 100%. We might laugh about getting a guy in that will turn a blind eye to things we do but equal treatment is what we are after. I would be stunned if he went out his way to be anything but impartial. Really good guy
  4. If there is any doubt over his fitness for tomorrow then he shouldn’t be risked. Sunday is more important
  5. Sometimes a photo is misleading but that looks a red the way things are at the moment
  6. I just can’t get my head around the fact he was booked for what could only be the ‘lunge’ with the ref yards away. Surely he saw that. Do the club get the match report / ref comments? Probably only if they challenge it. Does the ref then look at all incidents after a game from 4 angles slowed down? Does he consult all match officials about it? Just how the fuck does it work? anyone have any answers?
  7. If the club brought out a compilation of all the time wasting he has done over his time with us I’d buy it. He is the best I’ve seen. Comedy gold
  8. A player of true class and professionalism. Guys like him at the club are helping make the difference over that shit show across the river
  9. I don’t think Jack will play due to the pitch and SG previously talking about managing him. Not sure about Roofe for similar reasons but Alfie being out might force the issue. Should be comfortable regardless of who we put out if the attitude is there as usual
  10. I see the dam finally burst after 9 years of simmering on this point. What a bump
  11. All of the above - my MOTM by a country mile
  12. The SPFL couldn’t afford a helicopter this year if it went to the last day so just as well we are so far in front
  13. For all the quality of the 2003 team two of the first 3 goals were just sheer will and determination to win. Great watch. l hope it doesn’t end up a HS this year just to add to that video but we will learn a lot about the players the next few games now we are really ticking fixtures off.
  14. I hate the wait for Sunday games especially when there are no midweek games. I have the usual fear going into a game but I think 3 1. I’m not sure why but I’ll feel more relaxed when this one is done and won. On paper our 5 games after this - hibs apart - are comfortable enough
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