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  1. I personally thought the decision was down to who would be more disciplined and we couldn’t have two potential liabilities in the team. Whatever the reason was, we won!
  2. You have changed my mind on saying Kent. Just. As you say, Aribo could possibly be a replacement short term but no one could fill in for Tav an do anything close to what he does.
  3. Never a Rangers captain....
  4. Barker wasn’t great but we won and Jones will play a part this year - no crime committed and no case to answer submission upheld. The end
  5. Exactly this! Why suddenly if they did have their full 11 (possibly just 2 changes to the team) would they play better today than any point this season. The narrative from them is hilarious. Half that mob buy into it and the other half see through it. Anyway it’s our day and hopefully our season. Fuck them
  6. Not long off the phone to my mate and said that scenario by half time was the only way I could relax and actually enjoy it. Hate these games but the emotion is next level after a win
  7. only ten days out for the st mirren keeper that tested negative https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.skysports.com/amp/football/news/11797/12069384/st-mirren-coronavirus-three-goalkeepers-excluded-from-squad
  8. I’m not so sure. Hibs are the only team that didn’t stand on the line in the premiership and they scored twice and the only other team that had a go were Willem II and being honest they really should have scored a few. A combination of McGregor and bad misses there. Other teams have had really good chances as well when they have only been near our box a few times in a game. Maybe we are getting that bit of luck that has deserted us. Better to be lucky than good as the scum are showing at the moment. unless you mean as a team by controlling games etc
  9. Apart from his mrs has anyone heard anything good about him given Gerrard has said any signing will be for the first 11? Everything I’m reading is negative as fuck
  10. Is a MyGers card acceptable ID these days?
  11. It was a pen. We are so used to not getting decisions some cunts think that two hands in the back is fine
  12. I think Governments and scientists will dictate this sort of thing, not Uefa. I’ll start listening when someone in real authority says this.
  13. I didn’t see him v Ireland but whatever position or role he had there apparently worked. He was raved about and got MOM I believe
  14. Him and Arfield have linked up well. Could they bring the best out of each other? I’ve been undecided on both but they are winning me round big time now. Hagi’s stats are great and Arfield has been really effective. Anyway, glad he fucked over the Turks and seems happy to be here.
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