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  1. Completely agree. The ironic thing as well is when Motherwell stopped fannying about they actually looked more likely to get another. That is a point - why should a team be forced to play injury time because of the time wasting of another….I think it’s different where injury time comes from fouls in the course of play and subsequent injuries etc. As that’s just part of the game P.S. It’s self defeating in my point but I can’t get enough of watching McGregor time waste. He at least made it an art form
  2. That tackle happened and was correctly dealt with despite the squeals from the East. A big problem mentioned further up is the time wasting teams are getting away with at Ibrox at the moment. It’s the worst I remember. Motherwell and Hibs played for the most part like the last 5 minutes of an away Euro tie. The last two home games the keeper should have been booked in the first half. That would make a difference in itself.
  3. I thought his attitude had been questionable along with his passing, fitness and awareness. Delighted it looks like I’m wrong. Signs of improvements and then a top display today. It is now a good problem of what we do about Davis and JL.
  4. This may be a bump at a bad time if you want a decent response! I was there and genuinely can’t remember…wasn’t even drinking
  5. I agree with the sentiment but Motherwell were worse
  6. As many have said already it’s the toothless nature of our attack that worries me. Get our act together and we can beat Brondby, Sparta and possible draw with Lyon. They are all beatable by recent European standards. Or maybe I’m just a fanny
  7. I’m sure if it was we would have had 20 emails by now all headlined with links to the Castore range with the game ad in the small print
  8. Wondered how this worked as well. I’m gold tier, season ticket holder on CCCS but the friends and family group I’m in they are either not in the gold tier or not signed up to my gers but are season ticket holders. Am destined to be alone out with Ibrox…? I’m sure the answer is somewhere on the website but fuck trying to find it.
  9. Fuck sake. Came on this to make some points about the OP but all made already in the first few posts. How the fuck can we all see this and SG can’t or he see’s it and isn’t willing to change.
  10. Probably because it’s off the back of the internationals but I’m well up for this. Louden for 12.25 and hopefully the weather stays decent. Comfortable win with our strongest team and plenty of rest time before Thursday. Thank you please
  11. He still looks like the same hero and legend to me. What a man
  12. With McCann and Kerr away and I assume Middleton is ineligible we should win this. Regardless of them though any Rangers team that turns up should be beating them. 0 - 2
  13. I’m a lawyer and very comfortable with my history so I have no sympathy for people that have posted offensive stuff and have to live with consequences. Reap what you sow
  14. Great play from Patterson for Scotland for the goal.
  15. Yep but would have to state so on the charge. I take the tweet at face value that it is a 38 with no add on
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