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  1. Wonder if he has any proof of going to the police and them giving him advice and the likes.

    The last couple of paragraphs kind of contradict his whole article though, if you're going to run to the police about people allegedly coming to do you in, then why mouth off that they'll need to come team handed if they do ?

  2. The game Stefan Klos and Dado Prso said their goodbye's was a hard one, genuinely had a lump in my throat that day.

    Jeremy Clement moving on at the time was gutting, thought he was an excellent midfielder at the time and there was talk of Kevin Thomson coming to us, cracking partnership if we had the chance.

  3. Can't really disagree with the OP. The point about Smith and the rest of the ex players is a great one, they're all happy to tell everyone they're Rangers through and through but I doubt many of them contributed much towards the RFFF or the club when it was at it's weakest.

    Sadly there's too many supporters out there who can't see past the hall of game status for some that deserve criticism at times.

  4. I think it will all depends on the first season back in the league with regards to McCoist. As much as I criticise him and still don't see many of the qualities in him that make a good manager, I think that if he at least runs the mhanky mob close in the first season then he fully deserves another pop at them. If his team doesn't look like getting near the league title then he has to walk.

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