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  1. Drove up from london on sunday M25 was chocka M6 was no much better ..and i thought the M8 and M80 were bad
  2. Gonna be fun next year when 40k + season ticket holders " tick the box" its back to the ballot
  3. Cant pick three ..every single player who pulled on the jersey in the lower divisions deserves credit no matter the rights or wrongs over wages,goals,performances and games played...... they are just individuall pieces of the very big jigsaw that was the JOURNEY.......
  4. picked up my 2 medals today ..looking good GB if there are any other ones available? i would take 1 of each..
  5. Barrie done a Bertie.........
  6. Love it when blades of grass do the BOUNCY........
  7. will meet after Alloa game and pay cash. ok before it suits better........
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