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  1. Exactly. Waghorn is so ineffective just now, much like the Livi game.
  2. Need to see this Sutton meltdown, hopefully find it online somewhere.
  3. Septic out,Allan fucks it and Mulgrew walks off...Carlsberg need to do one of their adverts again....
  4. I went to a home game against Motherwell I think it was (Arteta scored a cracking freekick in the first half) and had access to the players lounge and after the game stood beside De Boer watching highlights of his goal in the second half on the TV....a surreal experience to say the least. What a player.
  5. To be fair the Warburton song got panned on here but now it's sung at very game so you never know.....
  6. We need a striker and a new center back in January. Would love a Bougherra type character in the back line to partner Ball. Just now I feel our defence is to stand offish and it's panic stations when the other team are on the attack.
  7. Yeah mate, I would hope once we get another striker or two we will start firing more corners into the box.
  8. Yeah mate, I would hope once we get another striker or two we will start firing more corners into the box.
  9. Anybody else get frustrated at the amount of short corners we took in the second half? Wasted time and time again..
  10. No need to panic but questions need to be asked. Why have a few of our players performances dipped so much. Tavernier is almost unrecognisable from the start of the season. Barry Mckay is a confidence player and from todays showing he has lost that...his miss in the second half was inexcusable, all he had to do was put his laces through it but instead tried some tame finish with the outside of his boot. One plus today was Ball..solid yet again.
  11. Not enough potent threat from him, far too passive and seems to struggle with the Scottish game.
  12. Waghorn so ineffective, worst I have seen him today. Tav has lost all confidence, could not beat his man all day. Really poor performance.
  13. Going to meet my pal through in Livi for this tomorrow but aint got tickets..will people be selling for Rangers end outside stadium?
  14. Any win and all our players to come away without any injuries. They were a disgrace the last time we played them.
  15. Devastating news this. Like others, not that big a Rugby fan but grew up watching Jonah. Will never ever forget his performances in the 95 World Cup. The way he would go through players like they were not even there was insane, and to think this was when he was carrying the kidney disease! From what you read and hear he seemed a total gentleman off the park. Very sad
  16. This is what I don't understand about a lot of the Rangers pages on Facebook, they constantly link stories from The Sun & DR and they are just full of utter bullshit.
  17. Think this deal will be more geared to him stepping into the coaching world and he has bags of experience so I really don't have an issue with it. Playing wise - impact sub only.
  18. It makes for a truly shit weekend for Football.
  19. Dunno about sellable but Lee Wallace is unsellable..his loyalty to us has been amazing. When the teams are standing out at Ibrox and the champions league music is blaring out there is nobody more deserving than him to be there.
  20. If Septic used EBT's why are they persisting on this? They clearly think they have done no wrong, so what's the difference between them using it and us? They are a total joke.
  21. Yes, watching BBC Scotland News last night and out of all the interviews with past players and managers who are against title stripping they get the almighty Darren O'Dea who is playing in the Indian league on air and broadcast his opinion of that we should have titles stripped. They absolutely LOVE reporting doom & gloom stuff on us and it's getting very tiresome and definitely not impartial news that I would expect from the country we live in.
  22. Haha, let's be honest...nothing usually gets said about it so I am quite surprised they have decided to cover it this year!
  23. Sportscene did mention that some Celtic fans failed to keep quiet for the minutes silence at the start of the program where they showed pictures of all the games (including Rangers) paying their respects.
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