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Dennis Wise

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Can you lot please can the sniff sniff tim shit. This isn't other forums where that's acceptable.

The rumour might have been honestly posted.

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aye right. We are skint and cant afford to bring in new players but we are going to create a job for dennis wise and waste money on a pointless position? We dont need a director of football.

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This is where it came from http://www.football-rumours.co.uk/

No RFC spend yet this pre season term because Sir David has been awaiting the crossing of the T's on appointment of General Manager Denis Wise. Thisa along with concurrent appointmnet of Tony Jiminez will see Gers tap into affordable European Market. Goughy also to be brought back to the club in ambassadorial role with similar places found for Scott Nisbett and other heroes of the 92 wunder season.


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Would never happen.

http://www.football-rumours.co.uk/ = :bullshit - Copy:

Also has some bawbag posting the following

To all rangers fans in denial. There is a very real possibility of administration. They have been haemmorraging cash for years and now in the last week have lost 5 million a year from tv deals and sponsorship expect davis and bougherra to be sold to balance the books and keep the banks happy for a couple of weeks.

expect Celtic to sign janko (5 million) and fox from coventry (1.5Million) and win back the league although the same team from last season would have been good enough to win it this year

I'll stick to being in denial and he can stick to sniffing glue.

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