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Benitez has a pop at Souness & Klinnsman


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just seen it on SKy Sports News there, Souness & Klinnsman had a pop at Benitez after the Champions League exit and Benitez retaliated with a bit of sarcasm along the lines of

"they have such great managerial careers so the fans will obviously listen to them"

not verbatim, but there isnt an article online for me to post yet but i will find it when Sky put it on!

So Rafa......

I believe your career honours as a manager are,

Liverpool - 1 x Champions League, 1 x Super Cup, 1 x FA Cup, 1 x Community Shield

Valencia - 2 x La Liga, 1 x UEFA Cup

and 3 titles as manager as Real Madrid under 19's

since 1991 you've managed 10 trophies, admitedly a few European titles in there but your having a pop at a Liverpool legend in Graeme Souness, who if you have a look has won 11 trophies in his managerial career (over a 14 year reign at Rangers, Liverpool, Benfica, Blackburn & Galatasaray

yes quite possibly a pathetic arguement, but Benitez infuriates me :pierre:

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Rafa needs to go. He is obviously unhappy in the job and his demeanor and attitude is bringing the players in the dressing room down. This season is lost now because of his inability to replace Alonso, his reliance on two players who have suffered injuries and his refusal to admit any mistakes.

He should have resigned in the summer, last season was the closest he was ever going to get to a league title. Time for a new man with fresh ideas to come in, for the good of Liverpool FC.

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It's amazing to read what the Liverpool fans actually make of him.

They seem to still totally back him! He's actually a total embarrassment, on top of not being a very good manager. He has such a lack of class.

His list :anguish:

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