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Big Lee Legend


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Yup, gotta give credit where its due. Good performance today.

BUT........does he play next weekend against Celtic? Can he hold his discipline and not dive in?

I expect him to start midweek but think he may well be dropped next weekend

Have to agree with you there, held his composure and played the way he was required to do. Put in a great shift and broke up the play well and passed ok too.

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Too fucking right!

By far our best midfielder today. Won his tackles, won his headers, kept it simple and sprayed some lovely balls across the pitch.

Terrific performance from him (tu)

Some of his crossfield passes were superb today

He picked out Broadfoot with one near the end, a first time pass I think it was.

Looked brilliant :lol:

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He did do the simple thing today. Made tackles when needed to, nothin rash apart from one attempt on zemmama, who in needed a kickin to stop him running at us. Played some pretty good long passes as well as short ones. Keep it simple and remember he's not Barry mark II

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Going by his performance after he came off the bench, I think it'll take Edu a while to get up to speed so McCulloch has to start against celtic.

He came on with about 15 minutes left when the score was 4-1. He was not going to be flying about the place and jumping into silly challenges.

Yes it will take him time to get back up to speed but to judge him in a 15 minute cameo role when the game was wrapped up is unfair.

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Big Lee played well - and not for the first time this season - he does the dirty stuff - breaking up play and yet his passing is good and he carries a goal threat - we are a squad with little depth so good to see him doing a job for us.

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