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Classic XI

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I could say the likes of Maradona, Van Basten, Pele etc, but I've never seen any of them play, only highlights.

From what I've seen:


Cafu Maldini Cannavaro Roberto Carlos

Figo Zidane Lampard Messi

Rivaldo Totti

Obviously not the best team ever, but that's what I've seen.

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From my lifetime:


Cafu Maldini Roberto Carlos

Messi Makalele Zidane C.Ronaldo


Henry Ronaldo

With Mourinho as manager.

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In my short lifetime

Julio Cesar

Cafu Puyol Terry Roberto Carlos

Ronaldo Gattuso Zidane Ronaldinho

Fat Ronaldo Robbie Keane[\b]



I was taking the piss because I didn't know who else to put

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best one i have seen in my time .............khan............ramos..vidic..puyol..r,carlos..ronaldo..gerrard..ineata..ronaldinho.....messi............................................raul...........subs.smheichelmaldini figo xavihenryvan nistelrooykaka

no zidane :anguish:

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I'll go with players from whom I've seen a substantial amount of playing time.


Thuram Baresi Costacurta Maldini


Donadoni Zidane Rivaldo



Christ... seven of them have played for Milan.

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I could pick three teams so Im not even going to bother. However what I will say is that there is a serious lack of Redondo, Nedved, Effenberg, RVN & Lizarazu in this thread.

All of them would be close to a place in the best team of players I has seen in my lifetime.

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