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Salim Kerkar


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Didn't see this posted anywhere.

Rangers could make their fourth signing of the summer on Tuesday if they decide to offer a contract to trialist Salim Kerkar. The Algerian midfielder, who took part in a bounce match against Partick Thistle last week, is currently at Murray Park on the recommendation of defender Madjid Bougherra.

Kerkar was released by French third tier side FC Gueugnon in the summer, having spent four years with Rene Le Lamer’s side. The 23-year-old then came to Scotland, becoming one of four players to get a run out against the Jags in a 5-0 win.

The French-born Algerian found the net in that match but, according to reports in the Scottish newspapers, had been told by Walter Smith he would not be offered a deal. The player himself has refuted those claims and says he will in fact find out his fate imminently and is hopeful he will be asked to join.

“I have been with Rangers since Tuesday, August 18,” Kerkar told lebuteur.com. “I have trained very hard and I hope to convince the technical staff to sign me.

“I have trained for the most part with the first team. I trained with them on Tuesday and Wednesday but on Friday they had to prepare their tactics for their game, so I was with the reserves.

“In principle, they will give me an answer on Tuesday. I have read on the internet that Rangers have already told me to leave but I am still at the club and I am still on trial. They may refuse me but it is also possible that they want to hold onto me.

“The decision rests with the coach and coaching staff. My first dream is to be signed by Rangers and then, why not, join the Algerian national team for an adventure in the future.”

Kerkar, who can play on the left flank or through the middle, spent a short period of time as Bougherra’s team-mate at Gueugnon, before the defender moved on to play for Sheffield Wednesday in 2006.

The Algerian duo have kept in touch down the years as their careers have taken different paths. Kerkar, who also had a short loan spell at Calais two years ago, says it was his compatriot who helped engineer his trial period in Glasgow.

“It was Madjid who spoke to the coach,” Kerkar revealed. “He is responsible for my presence in Scotland. He talked to me and the coach agreed to take me on trial.

“But, in addition to Madjid, my agent has also played his role because he knows the manager. But their efforts have stopped, it is now my turn to play and show I deserve to be signed.

“We played together in France when he was with Gueugnon. Since then we have stayed in touch.”

The Kerkar name will be a familiar one to fans of Dundee United, Clyde, St Mirren and St Johnstone, with Salim's older brother Karim having spent short spells at Broadwood and Tannadice in 2004 after leaving Manchester City.

Karim then had trials with St Mirren and St Johnstone three years later but pulled out of a move to both clubs at the 11th hour, angering then managers Gus MacPherson and Owen Coyle.


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I've got an Algerian mate who knows the ins and outs of every Algerian playing in Europe. I'm not even exaggerating, it's quite scary. Anyways, here's his response when I asked if he had any info on him:

Yes! The younger brother of Karim Kerkar whos playing in an Arab league somewhere. I first heard about him 3 years ago when he was playing for Gueugnon at the age of 20 and he was being scouted by a bunch of Ligue 2 teams. Im pretty sure he got the trial because Bougherra recommended him from their time playing together in France.

I know that hes a left attacking midfielder though he can play as a second striker or simply as a left midfielder. He was on trial at Motherwell before Rangers and he did well there. Hes a powerful player but not the most technical.

And tbh in the end I think you guys made the right decision. He isnt good enough to play for Rangers. I could very well see him playing for a weaker Scottish club though and then if he progresses well who knows? But as of now I think Walter Smith made the right decision.

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Salim Kerkar was very happy yesterday morning to find, through his agent in Scotland, Trevor Stevens, the team leader of the Rangers had given its final approval for its integration into the workforce for the 2010/2011 season. Great news for the young player of 23 years, full of qualities, which was being tried for nearly three weeks in the Scottish champions and has just achieved its goal of integrating a large clubs Europe, where changing his compatriot and friend, Madjid Bougherra. Indeed, this last which brought with Walter Smith has given its final approval yesterday morning. Thus, the Algerians will vibrate twice for the Rangers with the signing of Salim Kerkar, who is probably enjoying his revenge on his detractors who had announced too early, he had failed the tests. With it OK to Walter Smith, now the new Algerian midfielder Rangers is completely liberated, calmly awaiting the signature of its first big contract. Explanations of player that we have reached by telephone yesterday mid-afternoon.

While Salim, you confirm the good news?

Yes, I confirm. Except rebound last second, I will sign this season with Glasgow Rangers.

When have you heard the news?

This morning (yesterday, ed.) It's my agent called me at the end of the drive to tell me that the club has agreed to make me sign a license.

In the first team, if we understood it, no?

Yes, the Rangers first team. You know very well that I was tested for several days now and I was training with the reserve and now with the first team. The coaches have so much studied my game before giving their consent.

What you said Walter Smith?

Nothing special, indeed, because during training, it occurs only very rarely. These are his assistants who manage sessions. And it is they who told me they liked my style of play well

You've probably called your brother Karim learning the good news. What did he say?

(He smiles). Well, imagine that I have called anyone yet. No member of my family is aware of this, nor my friends elsewhere.

And you do us the honor of Exclusive we learn! Thank you, really Salim ...

But nothing. In fact, I did not know before signing.

And the signature is when?

Once my file will be sent by the French National League Football. According to my agent, the club has already sent a letter to the NFL to get the papers that prove that I was without a club in France. Otherwise, I could not sign, since the deadline of the transfer window has expired.

But you're not involved in the transfer window, because you were without a club, right?

Yes, exactly. Since I was without a club, I am not concerned by the transfer window deadline. I could sign inch'Allah, upon receipt of my application the NFL.

Hope you play the Champions League this season, if you pass the second round?

I do not know yet whether the settlement will allow me. But it would be great to be part, for sure.

If you pass the second round, you would have the right, or while en Europa League, if the Rangers finish in 3rd place at the end of the pool stages.

For now, I will first enjoy this good news, hoping that everything will go well before the signing inch'Allah. We will see later.

Is it true that you've scored three goals in four matches in the friendly matches?

Yes, I have scored three, but with the reserve team. I hope to have the chance to score more with the first team.

The other good news will find Majid Boughrerra ...

Majid is a brother to me. I will never forget that he and my agent who introduced me with the Rangers. It has been a total support for me since my arrival. I can not thank him enough. Majid is an example for me. I dream to like him.

After your signing with the Rangers, you'll think a little more to the Greens, no?

Course. I Algeria in the skin. I've always been a strong supporter. It would be really great to be selected one day. In any case, this will be one of my big goals.

Lire la suite: http://www.lebuteur....a#ixzz0zn4q8jb5

Look's like he is set to sign for Rangers.

Was supposidly on trial at both Cardiff and Motherwell at the beginning of the summer.

Had a look about the internet and it seems he is a player who can play on the left side of midfield and in the middle. Is quick, skillful, strong and direct.

Been at the club for a number of weeks, so the managemet team will certainly have seen enough of him. If he's good enough, then it's a much needed addition to the squad, should he sign!?

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