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Ref For Sunday - Collum


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Collum - The catholic PE teacher who has a crusafix hanging from his whistle - Oh he'll be giving us every decision going, wont he? Lol!

" It's A Conspiracy "

Collum is a RE teacher at Cardinal Newman High School

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appears that Willie Collum is the ref for Sunday. I thought it was Thomson?

Collum is a terrible ref who gives us nothing.

Not too happy with this one to be honest

he gave us the penalty against aberdeen to get us back in the game :wink:

and i couldnt care less if the ref was fucking lawwell, as long as we score more than them and dont give the ref any reason to shaft us make honest mistakes then we'll be fine

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The referees in Scotland are very inconsistent with their decisions, so it's no good moaning about getting Willie Collum as a ref in Sundays game at the piggery, because although we might think he doesn't give us decisions, he's a far better prospect than having somebody like Brines or Conroy in the middle.

Leave it to the mhanky mob to complain about biased refereeing...I'd rather they were left to look foolish with their conspiracy theories than us.

We are the mighty Rangers, not whinging cheating tattie munchers. :wanker:

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