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Been waiting all day

rab wilson

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to share my joy with you lot.i know it's only the league cup, but since yesterday i feel like i've won the lottery.We outplayed them, outfought them and the ref. we emerged gloriously victorious and sent their treble dreams into the gutter. yesterday was more than just a victory against them, yesterday knocked the shit out of a team that always choke when it really, really matters.I will honestly say that if we had lost yesterday that i would probably have been the most inconsolable bear known to man,but the way the boys played filled my heart with joy and pride.Where has this Rangers team been all season?

Every player who wore the blue jersey yesterday gave it everything they had, every supporter in the ground the same, and me and my wee boy in front of the telly in england gave it everything we had.

Yesterday was a truly great day to be a bear.

For me Steven Davis turned in a performance that would have had any manager anywhere grovelling for his signature, everywhere the ball dropped, he was there, and he beasted broon all afternoon, but man for man they did us all proud. As for steven whittaker,well, any bear who can criticize that boy now really needs his head examined. So pleased for Jelavic as well. For Walter , well that just goes without saying really,for the team i'm truly delighted, for us the support, well the boys finally delivered for us, and they owed us big time, they knew it too.others take the plaudits, but for me one big fella from Northern Ireland deserves special praise indeed, agree with it or not, don't give a fuck really.

Step forward big Kyle Lafferty!

Some of you don't like him, most don't rate him, but the shift the big yin put in yesterday was awesome, his best performance in a rangers jersey, tracking back, putting it in, shutting down(apart from that cross).But for me one moment truly stood out.

As he was having a drink on the touchline, the big yin gave out this beaming great smile, he was loving the occasion, loving being a bear, just like you and i would have felt would we have been in his place, he for once looked really comfortable in his own skin.if anyone has a picture of that please post it.As for draping himself in the RHOU when he collected his medal, Kyle you are my fuckin hero son.


Today , work could have thrown anything at me,but the piss takers were silent, i did not even say a word. I just stood there all day, watching sausages go past my eyes,with that smugness that only i like, knowing my boys had showed the No Surrender attitude, and in the immortal words of Jock Wallace " did what came naturally to the Rangers and Charged!"

Some days it's just great to be alive.It's always magic being a teddy bear.

No Surrender


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It's the tactics and No Surrender attitude we have been screaming for, like others yesterday, I was close to tears.

I wish Walter would read some of this to know exactly how proud we are of him and his men (moaning or no, we knew they had it in them). :clap:

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