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Possible Exodus?


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Allu McCoist could offer no assurances that Rangers won’t be forced to witness an exodus of star names following this week’s European debacle at the hands of Maribor.

With owner Craig Whyte taking a £20million hit in lost revenue after elimination from both the Champions League and the Europa League, supporters fear there will be sales before the close of the transfer window on Wednesday night.

And there now seems every chance that the SPL champions — still awaiting the financial fallout from HMRC tax investigations — could be vulnerable to bids for top players like Allan McGregor, Steven Davis and Nikica Jelavic.


Nice to see them spelling his name correctly.

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What a load of bullshit, just trying to sell papers.

Yeah trying to sell them to that lot, I have yet to read anywere their is going to be a players exit from them. It's all negative about us once again.

You would struggle to no who aint been in Europe for the last 2 year reading that pish.

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Eh? Am obviously missing something here. Its early.

In that article he's rambling on about Stoke paying players £50k-£60k per week and that shows where we are, or some such pish. For someone with so much media experience he struggles big time when dealing with them.

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