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James Mcfadden


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Anyone that suggests James McFadden has only ever watched his Scotland games and picked him out as half decent amongst the shambles that is usually our display.

For his clubs in England he was injured every second week, is greedy, doesn't pass, is wastefull, doesn't score.

Aberdeen tried to sign him - that should tell it all, like Motherwell going for Jeffers.

If we want a injury prone striker with more potential then we should start playing Hemmings.

Lets face it though. Hemming's will never get a real chance up here. His level is on loan to Ross County or something. Mcfadden would be a starter for us.

A lot of people thought Kenny was done after his Bheggars and Derby stints but look what happened to him. :crabflute:

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Speculation. No one knows what he would do

hes a boyhood septic fan so no speculation,anyways he's finished now as ppl have said no1else is fallin over themselves to offer him a deal and I doubt he would want to play for the Champions he'd rather pick up a runners-up medal with his boyhood heroes :beer1:

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Aye, let's sign someone who's probably had the best years of their career and will probably never be anything more than a substitute taking digs at the club in the paper cause he think's he's better than he is.

Plus he's pish so naw.

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