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Spurs - Giovani Dos Santos


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Heard from one of my mates over here today who is a spurs fan that apparantely Spurs owe us money in excess of £2million which im guessing was from the Hutton deal.

And they have offerd us Giovani Dos Santos to cover the debt.

From what i can remember he was a very promising youngster when he first joined spurs but has struggled to get into the team.

Only stumbling block could be wages as he is currently on around 15k a week.

Just wondered if any of you guys back home had heard anything abou this?

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Not sure on loan or permanent. He didnt know details but he said they had been touting dos santos to a couple of clubs as they want him off there wage bill and want money for some signings in jan.

From what he said they were looking for around £3mill for him.

As for 15k being a stumbling block its quite a chunk out of our wage bill for a guy who hasnt played much football in 2 years.

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I remember reading dos Santos was on 60 grand a week. Did anyone else see this?

Sorry my mistake i miss heard. You could be right he is on something near that. But according to my mate spurs are due to pay Barca a smiliar deal to ours with hutton. But according to apperances. There due barca £5million euros and are reluctant to pay. So may come to an agreement with which ever club and the player on a pay off to reduce his wages because alot of teams are reluctant to take him him with such high wages.

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Would Spurs not have paid the money owed when they sold him on to Villa?

Given our financial position I very much doubt we would sit twiddling our thumbs waiting for Spurs to cough up 2 million quid 4 years after signing him...

Dont know why they owe us money as i said im guessing for the Hutton deal but who knows. Who knows what goes on with these contracts with some of these players. Look at out tax case for example!!

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Was their not an article lately saying dos santos would not be joining rangers , despite rumours?

No idea mate this was the first id heard of it. Thats why i was asking if any of you guys had heard anything about it.

Me personally i think its unrealistic but who knows!!

If anything it could be on loan but very much doubt it will be permanent.

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I cant believe the way some people go on about players!!

Dos Santos has been on loan to Ipswich, Galatasary and Racing Santander in the past 3 seasons and none of them asked to extend the loan or tried to sign him...does that not tell you something?

Massively overrated IMO and to the guy who said he would be an ideal replacement for Jelavic...REALLY?!?!

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