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  1. More treading water today, McLaughlin saved us dropping at least 2 points as we weren't going to score a second. Our captain and vice captain were a shambles and Goldson in particular was an absolute bombscare. Good at pointing and shouting at others when he's fucked up though. You'd never believe we won the title last season, we seem to be completely lacking in belief and confidence all over the park.
  2. Beggars belief how we could be so dominant in all areas, get kicked off the park and yet still be penalised nearly twice as much as them. And not for the first time this season either.
  3. That second half was much more like it, putting quick passes together to get us up the park before they had the chance to camp their 10 man defence, Hagi makes such a huge difference in games like that and he lifted the whole team. Some big decisions to be made for this weekends game now.
  4. There is absolutely no chemistry or understanding between our front 4 - Aribo looking lost again, Wright miles short of what we need and Roofe and Morelos hardly speak to each other, let alone the fact that both of their form has dropped off a cliff at the same time. Massive shake up needed at half time (again), if Livingston sneak a lead here we will be in serious trouble.
  5. I'm not sure I can contain my excitement at the prospect of a midfield trio of Davis, Kamara and a half fit Jack.
  6. I'll be surprised if he doesn't pick up a few sore ones soon, a clumsy first touch will give the hammer throwers up here carte blanche to dive into ankle breaking challenges without reprisal when "the ball is there to be won". His best attribute is clearly his pace, whether he really has the chance to show it much though with the way we play is up for debate right now.
  7. It's usually the first thing he does when he comes off the bench, give away a stupid free kick or two. I don't know what Gerrard thought he might contribute in the short time he was on the pitch, he doesn't offer that spark of magic needed in games like this and I'm not sure what his best position even is these days.
  8. I don't think anyone's ever been seriously interested in Kamara, at times he can look like a rolls royce of a player for us, but if teams from bigger leagues are looking at him then simply stats wise I'm not sure they'll be throwing money at a midfielder playing in Scotland with a single goal and assist per season to his name. It doesn't look like he'll be signing that new contract so we've realistically got one or two transfer windows left to cash in before he sees out his contract.
  9. He's about as far away from being suited to scottish football as its possible to be. Gerrard has been after him for so long though that he'll be too stubborn to admit it was a mistake of a signing. I'm not going to go OTT over Katic as he also has his weaknesses, but his style of play is exactly what we need in the bread and butter SPL games like today.
  10. I think the boat has sailed on receiving decent bids for the likes of Kent, Kamara, Morelos and Barisic. Unless they all suddenly hit a run of form in the Europa League we won't be receiving anything close to what we were likely holding out for in the summer. If Everton or someone else comes back in for Patterson in January he'll be away, although I doubt that money will be used for anything other than servicing the debt. We could be in a very precarious position squad wise next summer.
  11. I doubt Davis or Kamara would even shoot from 6 yards out, they'd try to pass it sideways between each other until they could pass it back to Goldson.
  12. He's so lightweight, I think he's actually lost muscle mass since we signed him, no use in this league where 90% of strikers are looking to impose their physical presence. He's no better than David Bates was and no matter how stubbornly Gerrard persists with him he's not going to suddenly turn it around and come good for us.
  13. The midfield is the problem. Nothing is going to change whilst we persist with Davis and Kamara playing together. They offer absolutely nothing going forward, that break just before Motherwell equalised summed them up. Both of them immediately look backwards as soon as they receive the ball anywhere near the halfway line and Davis fires more balls back at his own goalkeeper than he does towards the opposition box. A pathetic shambles of a second half when we had the chance to put a lot of daylight between us and the filth. Every time we play I hope it will the match when we finally click, but by the end of today's game we looked more ponderous and disjointed than ever.
  14. Yeah maybe it's just me, but I think it's asking a bit much of Morelos for us to chip balls up to him, expect him to hold the ball up long enough for our support players to jog up the park, play them into space and then still be the only player in the box trying to get on the end of an aimless high cross whilst man marked by two centre halves 6 inches taller than him. He's not beyond criticism by any means and he's not been great at times this season, but we're not even creating scraps for him to feed off yet still expect him to be the match winner.
  15. And by some distance as well. Tonight was as poor a performance as I can remember from both Davis and Kamara. Gerrard has gambled on Jack being fit and available and it's been to the detriment of properly strengthening the midfield. We'll pay the price for it at this level.
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