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  1. That's the kind of complete strikers performance that makes teams in the big leagues sit up and take notice. Hopefully he stays for a crack at the champions league with us next season.
  2. I think bringing in a completely unknown quantity at this stage of the season who is unfamiliar with our players, coaches and system is far more likely to upset the balance of the side. But if they do bring anyone in, I'm sure the coaching staff will do their due diligence and it'll because they're able to do a job and not just because they're the only available option.
  3. Balogun will do for me, we know he's no slouch so unlikely to get caught out for pace and his extra height over Tav will actually be a bonus in both boxes. Obviously not going to offer anywhere near the same attacking threat but the coaching staff will just have to tweak the midfield to suit.
  4. Yeah was just thinking the same, presuming Tav is still with us next season and he plays his usual number of games, his backup either needs to be a youngster who is happy to bide his time, or an older player who is happy coming in and out of the side. Since Patterson has fucked it, if Balogun gets a run in the side in place of Tav and does a solid enough job then he'd be a good option to have being able to cover at right back as well as centre half.
  5. Strange game, they were the most 'scottish' type of side I think we've played in Europe, physical, constant niggly fouls mixed with cynical old fashioned hacking. Outwith 3 or 4 defensive cock ups they didn't look like creating anything but what we can get away with in Scotland we'll get punished for at this level. But we offered far more of an attacking threat and I'd expect us to put a few past them at Ibrox.
  6. Stamina and workrate yes, but I don't think he's that fast or skillful, he never seems to rip full backs to shreds anyway. I'm not sure many teams in England will be looking at him thinking he'd be good value for money for the fee we'd be asking.
  7. Reminds me a bit of Hemdani, more suited to doing a job in Europe of keeping possession and keeping things moving than to the unique 'style' of Scottish football. Will be amazed if Gerrard has seen enough in him to make the move permanent in the summer.
  8. Looked lively and a few decent bits of interplay, but I also remember Billy King coming on and looking decent a few years ago, so far too early to make any judgement call on how he might turn out.
  9. I think we'll nervously stumble our way there, but once it's done the pressure release will be huge and there'll be a few pumpings after that
  10. First time I've seen that as my stream was all over the place, but Roofe's own reaction the way he punches the ground in frustration looks to me like he's expecting the worst. I'm sure all our friends in the media will be pushing the narrative that he's not that kind of player and he was just letting Davidson know he was there... Hopefully the fact he was booked is seen to be enough, but I fully expect a fast tracked citing and ban by Friday lunchtime.
  11. He's absolutely honking, the only person he tricks with his shitey step overs is himself. The whole team looked nervy as fuck tonight, I don't know if they can believe it themselves the position we're in but with a few key players struggling for form I think it's just going to be a case if grinding out the results now and then a collective outpouring of joy / relief when we finally become champions.
  12. For a while now I've fully expected them to finish this season / start next season with a back 5 of Bain, O' Donnell, Gallagher, Porteous, Taylor. Here's hoping!
  13. Any bids for around what we paid for him and I'd snap their hand off. Been here nearly 3 years now and hasn't improved one bit.
  14. Got what we deserved today. Fucking abysmal the way we've been starting games lately and it's the same culprits every time.
  15. Great, only about 75 minutes late in taking Kent off. If the roles were reversed and Barker played like that he wouldn't be seen again for weeks.
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