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  1. A different player when he’s given the freedom to play a little further forward. A class act today.
  2. If they were playing the tarriers next week I'm pretty sure the compliance officer would be dishing out a suspension or two to make sure and weaken them. As they're not it'll be put down to the defender 'letting Morelos know he was there'.
  3. There were far worse players on the pitch than him today. But regardless of that, if our coaching team think he's the answer to our continuing problems then we can just hand the filth another treble right now.
  4. Kamara did his job, picked the ball up deep and tried to keep things moving, then did make some forward runs late on. Jack was woeful, that cup final defeat to the tarriers seems to have destroyed him mentally, and physically he looks as shot to pieces as Arfield and Davis beside him. Not a good position for us to be in regarding options in the middle of the park. Fuck knows how long a contract he's on now but we're stuck with him as no other team will touch him. Kamara is probably more suited to football outwith the Scottish bubble of plastic pitches and hammer throwers, so if there's decent
  5. Jack should be embarrassed by his 'performance' today, utterly abysmal.
  6. If this shower somehow got themselves 14 points clear with 5 games to play they'd still manage to collapse and lose the league by a point. Such a weak, losers mentality running through the whole squad and coaching staff.
  7. That's up there for shiteyness with when St Johnstone were sponsored by Alan Storrar Cars. Dont mind extra sponsorship but not when the logo is basically a crap Microsoft Word font that no one else would dream of using.
  8. Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but Dundee's original vote was against the resolution, so could be revoked. Any yes vote for any resolution cannot be reversed. If that's the case I'm not sure what point Joe Black is trying to make? The whole thing still stinks though and the more info that filters out the more corrupt the whole process looks.
  9. Categorically no bullying or coercion... But a number of clubs reported concerns over threats veiled or direct and the 'robust' type of language being used by certain clubs and board members. Very slippery as well regarding this 10 million liability, which conveniently was never mentioned at all by the SPFL until Rangers raised the issue. Any decent journalist would rip this bumbling mess to shreds.
  10. Ah well maybe the board will bring the feel good factor back to the fanbase by announcing our glamorous new kit deal.... Now will it be Gola or Admiral? Can't wait to find out.
  11. So we've gone from claims of possessing evidence of corruption that will rip the SPFL hierarchy apart, to some club directors claiming they were bullied. Looks like we've managed to ostracise ourselves even more from the rest of Scottish football than before and more than likely left ourselves facing charges of bringing the game into disrepute. And all the while Lawwell has pulled a few strings behind the scenes to get exactly what the taigs wanted yet again and left our board looking like the rank amateurs they appear to be.
  12. It'll probably end up that we've been double bluffed by Lawwell and he released a few juicy snippets through his complicit lackeys that he knew we'd jump on but have now realised are complete fantasy and have put us slap bang in the firing line. After the allegations the board made, if they don't have concrete evidence of serious wrongdoing then unfortunately they're going to deserve all the shit that comes their way. Time will tell I suppose.
  13. If anything there'll be another restructure of the SPFL for Lawell to shoehorn even more tarrier sympathisers into positions of power, while the rest of Scottish football turns a blind eye and we make a few token 'demands' that get laughed out the door.
  14. I'd say it's a stick on for the taigs for sure and they'll probably use some tenuous link like the Gordon Strachan connection to give it a semblance of being above board. In fact I wouldn't be surprised for the filth to have the brass neck to arrange some kind of mini tournament with Dundee and some of their other lapdogs, market it as a Corona virus fundraiser, pocket most of the proceeds themselves yet still receive universal praise for their charitable spirit.
  15. We might not have the option to take our time. If we were to get hit with a charge for bringing the game into disrepute, which I fully expect we will given the accusations we've made, then I imagine we will have to present all our evidence to back up our claims and fight the charge. I really hope we have some irrefutable proof of corruption and dodgy dealings, though I fear we'll be outflanked once again and all our evidence will be passed off as misunderstandings and misinterpretations of informal conversations with individuals not officially representing the SPFL.
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