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  1. The players (and management) need to show something that the fans can show faith and believe in rather than shite like today and the string of capitulations against celtic.
  2. Don't worry, if we score again they'll immediately be back on in force vehemontly defending all things Smith and gnashing their gums about how anyone can dare question him.
  3. I take it you're happy with how things are going so far today then yes?
  4. 5 minutes for Smith to come down from the stand, 5 minutes to stand with arms crossed, 5 minutes to look at a clipboard and decide what to do. 15 minutes is pretty much as 'straight away' as it gets for our manager.
  5. Give it another 20 minutes and we might throw caution to the wind and do something crazy like put on an actual attack-minded player.
  6. Another breathtaking display to add to the collection.
  7. Yip, there are better footballing skills on show in the England-Scotland match that this pish.
  8. I would say the only player out of those listed who actually improved after signing is Bougherra (current form excepted). Cuellar was another. And I dont think its any coincidence they're both defenders. Any attacking or creative player Smith signs seems to be expected first and foremost to get stuck in and do a shift defensively before they think about expressing themselves and its almost as if the longer they stay with us the more their attacking instincts and confidence slowly drains out of them.
  9. My post wasn't being critical by the way, I actually do remember you posting the e-mail you refer to. I was genuinely interested in hearing whether you ever had any feedback or indication that your suggestions had been received and followed up or if they had just been filed away by admin before they even got to anyone with any say. Maybe now we actually have a focal point to our scouting network theres a chance that they will pay more heed to any up and coming players you, or anyone else, may notice in the future.
  10. Just out of interest, who have you been contacting at Rangers thus far? Do you think that McCoist (or in fact Neil Murray) will be more receptive of your suggestions?
  11. Exactly what I was thinking. The SFA will be wanting this whole thing to just get quietly forgotten about now rather than have no option but to openly investigate and punish Lennon.
  12. So who would you be happy with then? Go on, in your infinite wisdom name names, you clearly know a lot more about it than our next Manager so why don't you enlighten us with the list of famous european scouts just itching to work for peanuts at Rangers? Thanks for your pity but can't say I need it. I'm well aware of the situation Rangers find themselves in at the moment, unlike you it seems. If McCoist trusts them and considers them right for the job then I will go with his judgement until I have reason to think otherwise.
  13. Think he'll score goals at Forest but this thread shouldn't be in the Bears Den, nothing to do with Rangers.
  14. So whats your issue then? Its facts not speel. You don't know what kind of a job he'll do for us, you're basing your opinion solely on the fact he used to play for us under Smith and that seems to indicate to you that he's automatically incapable of doing the job he has been employed to do at Rangers.
  15. None of that is off the official site so I don't exactly know what your issue is other than to complain about everything and everyone associated with Rangers.
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