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A message to Salmond and his scummy Bastards!

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You may take my FREEDOM,

But you’ll Never Take My Wit,

This is our Kingdom,

But the Broomloan is lit,

Bottles are thrown and officials are abused.

Celtic are celebrating and this is what they do!

They bottle big games and call non Kafflics names,

But Billy’s coming back and will play them at their game,

King Billy’s on the wall, King Billy’s on the wall,

Fuck the fenian Bastards, King Billy’s on the wall.

This is when we're losing and this is what we do!

Just wait to our next title party!


By the way, Lennon “champion’s league aspirations”, get off your XBOX ya dirty smelly bastard!

GSTQ and The Rangers!

End of rant.

P.S – Salmond GTF, this is my country ya fat bastard!

Neil Lennon has set Sectarianism back 20 years by his antics!

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Did Salmond not speak up for us at one point.

He has and that annoyed the tims so he deserves credit for that. He may also have been doing some lobbying behind the scenes as well. He realises the importance of Rangers and also the impact that the death of Rangers would have socially and economically.

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That will be Alex Salmond a good protestsnt and that has frequented rangers games over the years.

But don't let that blinker your views.

Not blinkered, but this country is going down the toilet due to pandering to the immigrants.

Immigrants are welcomed, as long as the do not stop me singing or my freedom of speech!

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