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Send ‘em down.

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FURIOUS fans have ordered their clubs to show no mercy — and banish crisis-torn Rangers from the SPL.

They heaped pressure on SPL chairmen ahead of a vital vote on Gers’ future.

Aberdeen, Hearts, Hibs and Dundee United supporters all want them kicked down to the Third Division.

And their outspoken opinions have dramatically raised the stakes for SPL top brass ahead of the crucial ballot.

Dons fans’ chief Greig Ingram said: “We have already made representation to chairman Stewart Milne about how we’d like to see him vote.

“We believe he should vote AGAINST a newco getting into the SPL.

“Financial considerations should not be the first thing here — they should not over-ride integrity and fair play.

“We keep hearing how financially important Rangers are to the SPL and that they should be given special consideration because of money.

“But we gave figures to the club and they were scrutinised by the chief executive, who is an accountant, and he did not take issue with them.

“It only takes 300 season ticket holders to wipe out the benefits of having Rangers in the SPL.

“The fans should be consulted by every club.

“If this was any other club than Rangers this debate would not be happening.”

Derek Watson, chairman of the Hearts Supporters’ Trust, echoed Ingram’s sentiments.

He said: “We believe very much that Rangers should be relegated from the SPL and have to work their way back through the divisions again.

“I don’t think the amount of money involved will be massively significant and I think that an SPL without Rangers would bring about more of a challenge at the top.

“Celtic would probably win the league, but the battle for second place — and possibly Champions League football — would see the crowds come back.”

Dundee United followers have already lobbied chairman Stephen Thompson over the thorny issue.

ArabTrust chairman Derek Robertson admitted his group’s attitude towards Gers has been influenced by the way they have handled themselves through the unfolding saga.

He said: “It’s been a classic example of how not to win friends and influence people.

“The whole thing has been handled terribly — a PR disaster from start to finish.

“The lack of humility has been astonishing.

“It has certainly made the mood among people very bad.

“The level of sympathy towards Rangers, because of the way they have conducted themselves, is going rapidly.

“You’d be hard pushed to find anyone who thinks a newco should be voted back in.

“A lot of that is down to their attitude — and the bully-boy tactics.”

Hibs fan chief Mike Riley agreed last night: “There is only one course they can take and that is not to allow them back into the league.

“If things are not done right then you don’t deserve to be there in the first place.

“There are a lot of clubs who can’t afford to lose the money.

“But there again, they face losing money anyway because a lot of fans have said they won’t go back to games if Rangers are involved. I honestly believe the majority of clubs will vote against Rangers.

“The whole thing has been an embarrassment for Scottish football. I can see the fallout from it dragging on for years.

“I think the majority view among the Hibs supporters is that Rangers should be punished. And punished severely.

“They have done wrong and should stand up and take whatever comes their way.

“For them to come back as a newco and go straight back into the SPL would upset a lot of people.

“I know a lot of Hibs fans who would be very unhappy if that was to be the case.”

Gers will need eight votes to stay in the top flight when SPL chairmen meet.

Inverness Caley Thistle chairman Kenny Cameron has promised to listen to his fans before casting his vote.

He said: “I would expect the SPL to call a meeting of the clubs very shortly.

“It is never good to see a Scottish club going into liquidation and it is a pity that Rangers have come to such a position.

“We will consider our position and listen to our supporters once the picture becomes clearer.”

Ross County chairman Roy MacGregor added: “Rangers need an 8-4 majority but I have no idea how the other clubs will vote because so much has happened since I went to the first meeting.

“I will listen to all the arguments for and against admitting a newco to the SPL.

“I am conscious of having to balance fair play with the financial realities of the league.

“Once I know what all the options are then I’ll think about which way to vote.

“I have only been to one SPL meeting and, I have to say, everyone left thinking the CVA would go through.

“But what has happened with HMRC has changed the goalposts dramatically.

“I’m surprised HMRC rejected the offer but they clearly want to make an example of the decisions made at the club.

“It now leaves the SPL with a huge decision to make.”

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Link broken.


See if you can spot the Mathematics genius in the article. Fucking unbelievable.

Aye and he's an "accountant" Can't be a very good one if he thinks 300 season ticket getting sold is going to make up for Rangers not being in the SPL.

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Aye and he's an "accountant" Can't be a very good one if he thinks 300 season ticket getting sold is going to make up for Rangers not being in the SPL.

Started a separate thread on the maths genius. Every bear must read it. If SPL chairman are influenced by cocksuckers like this then we shouldn't even bother applying to the SPL and just go straight to the third.

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Surely the editor of the paper saw this? you think he would have taken this out to save him the embarrassment?

More likely it will spread and eventually be quoted as accepted fact. And if we're only worth £120,000 to one of the largest clubs, what are we worth to St Mirren or Ross County? 10 grand?

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What a collection of sanctimonious twats!!!! Lack of humility?! What did they honestly expect our reaction would be when all of them and their grannies have been gleefully sticking the tackety boots and knives in ever since day 1? Honest to God, you couldn't make it up. Bleating on and on about integrity and bringing the game into disrepute. I suppose gloating at the Ibrox Disaster, glorifying a thug nearly ending Durranty's career, harbouring paedophiles, monkey chants, bananas, open support of the I.R.A., dishouring the fallen, &c, all extol the glorious virtues of the game? It's absolutely laughable that these pea-brained numpties continue to hurl missles from behind the parapets of their glass castles, and what's even more astounding is that NOT ONE OF THEM can see the hypocrisy inherent in their actions. Murray and Whyte screwed over this team and a lot of others by their actions. Fair enough, I feel we should pay our dues by dropping down to Division 3 and proving ourselves by fighting back up to the top level. That's not good enough for them though - their jealousy has been openly festering for years, and they won't be content until they draw swords and hack us to pieces once and for all. All right, you wretched bastards. Our club will not die, no matter how fervently you pray for that to happen. We will undoubtedly go dormant for a while, but we will gather strength and we WILL come back to fight again and you'd better be bloody well ready for it when the pendulum changes direction.

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It is not hard for rhags to find hatchet men on our club nowadays. They are lining up to have a go these days. :anguish: Maybe we shoudl try what has been so successful for Celtic over the years and cry oppression, persecution and conspiracy? Seems the only way people will understand you or get behind you. A fucking disgrace this country and our game?, if we go down, is finished once and for all!

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I hope we dont get the votes, we get put in the 3rd Division and after 6 months on a reduced Sky deal these cnuts come begging us to come back but we tell them to fcuk off, make these turkeys wait the 3 seasons before we come back to take our title back from whoever has it (might not be the scum :lol: ) even then I still hope we boycott all away games and they all boycott Ibrox, I dream of 50000 bears at Ibrox!

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I want to meet the guy at Rangers who thought it was a good idea to save those manky, stinking taig fucks in Scottish football in the first place. But not before meeting the guy who allowed the irish to swarm all over the core of this country.

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Don't these fuckin half wits understand that Sky will pull the plug and each lose £1m...shittodrie season tickets are expensive.No wonder no cunt goes.

Exacty, 80 million over 5 years was is not? There's no way the sky deal will hold up with no Rangers or old firm games.

It's all right though only another 3,000 more season ticket holders and they don't need Rangers in the SPL :rolleyes:

Let's just go to the 3rd division, fuck these cunts.

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They all were talking themselves up prior to the announcement as they didn't think it was a decision they would actually have to make. Now the do have to and they have all effectively backed themselves into a corner. So fuck the sorry lot of them. Yes they will all likely survive, but at what cost. Without the sponsors and the TV the standard of player they will be able to afford will fall to a level closer the English 4th tier. As for TV and sponsors, who the fuck is going to have any interest whatsoever in sponsoring a League that has only a single team capable of winning? And as for Champions League, with the level of the other teams, we will be lucky if we maintain 1 spot nevermind both.

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The thing that is pissing me right off is the silence from Rangers, because we have no leader, and the main supporters groups.

We are taking kicking after kicking and its no wonder everycunt is having a field day because no one in the blue corner is challenging them.


We need a Walter Smith / Donald Findlay in to defend the club against these constant attacks. Let these pricks know we ain't taking any of their Pish.

The recent abuse dished out to our players on social networks most prominently Jig should have led to a campaign to have Reagan removed from his position. Fuck all happened and he got away Scot free.

Donald Findlay was forced to resign for singing the sash ffs.

We have the biggest fan base in the country and each and every one of us is standing by watching this nightmare unfold in front of our eyes without as much as a whimper.

I have been in attendance at each of the rfff meetings and from the very day Rangers entered administration we should have been preparing for the worst.

A fans membership scheme aka to what Bayern and dortmund have in place should have been initiated which had the potential to raise millions but we did nothing. The £500K raised is good but no where near enough.

Like it or not, we have our trousers at our ankles waiting to be shafted royaly.

But as Mr Struth once said, Rangers Will rely on no one.

Why should we bend over for the worst theycan give us?

Fuck that and Fuck them.

Tell the cunts before they vote, we will take our medicine and do things right.

We will go into the 3rd division and work our way back to the top on merit, not because you let us.

We don't need you and we are not prepared to take anymore of your made up sanctions and penalties.

We will come back stronger and you cunts better be ready for us.

We won't be the last Scottish club to enter administration and we will be watching closely to ensure the same level of punishment is dished out.

Watch the cunts squirm as the realisation of their hatred kicks in.

We will be back of that i have no doubt.

But don't pander to these Fucking hypocrites.

No surrender

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They even have their own online petition now:


Over 16,000 hate filled sign ups so far. The petition also presumes guilty until proven innocent (EBTs, dua contracts). They could at least get their facts right, but it's hard to type rationally when you hate the alleged perpetrators.


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I'd wager that less season tickets would be sold if we weren't there than if they voted to keep us.

No no because they will have this really exciting race for second place and a spot in the intertoto cup to play for!

No idea where they are getting this idea what 2nd will give them CL football considering that will be gone again soon and besides there is no way in hell a Scots team is getting through the non champions route.

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ArabTrust chairman Derek Robertson admitted his group’s attitude towards Gers has been influenced by the way they have handled themselves through the unfolding saga.“The level of sympathy towards Rangers, because of the way they have conducted themselves, is going rapidly."

What sympathy have any of those quoted shown us?

I've barely heard or read of any support or sympathy given by our fellow member clubs. I really don't care if they vote against us staying in the SPL.

If football is a short sighted business, Scottish football is registered blind.

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