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Alan Hutton

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Hutton was average at best for us. (except for the last 6 months).

He played well under Ramos at Spurs...(6 months) and he's been poor ever since.

Hutton is a poor defender. Unless he's in a top team with little attacking threat, he's found out.

Tbh, I'd have Whittaker over him...

Spot on!

Never saw the big deal with him. We received over the odds for him. People rate him highly only because of his big price tag and because he is in the EPL.

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Didn't think he was that bad for Spurs...when he was given a chance, he was impressive when he went to Sunderland on loan and was disappointed he never made the move permanent, he's been rotten since moving to Villa though.

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the thing is with hutton, he was never really that amazing. he seemed like a absolute god of a right back to us because we had nobody else decent. he was a good player for about 18 months then i think we all just about hit the deck when we heard what spurs were offering.

good player, but over-hyped imo

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