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£100 To Be A Mascot

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My oldest kid was the mascot at the Scottish cup final, he got a free strip, free vip tickets, and goodie bags etc... Been told we need to provide the strip, and what was originally £60, has went up to a ton.

Has anyone ever had to pay for their child to be a mascot?

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£100 For fuck sake that's fuck all now a days .. Go for it

the only names that are on the guest list is Goram, Derek Ferguson (or McInnis, canae mind) Frank McAvenie and Bobby Petta.

Its at a shitey amateur stadium.

At first they were wanting £60, now they want £100. And you need to supply your own strip.

My oldest son done it for the Scottish cup final, everything was paid for, including the strips plus VIP tickets for 4 of us.

Has anyone else ever had to pay for their kid to be a mascot? I think they're ripping the cunt. But if this is usually standard for these type of games, then I don't mind paying it.

But I think it's a complete rip off, considering how my oldest kid got to do it for free and was treated amazingly.

Has anyone else ever had to pay for this before?

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doubt it, you'll just have to stay peeyoor fuckin beelin' till the season starts!

i wouldn't pay £60 never mind £100

That's my point. My oldest kid got to walk out with Davie Weir at the Scottish cup final, and the whole family was treated as VIPs for the whole day. Didn't even need to pay for travel.

Surely am not alone in thinking this is an utter rip off?

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