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  1. He deserves it.. Great player and great guy
  2. Fuck the BBC... I would never let the cunts back near us
  3. Bridge building is the way forward.. anyone and everyone! Anywhere and everywhere !!if that’s the way it goes
  4. Had one about 6 weeks ago nearly at 10.000 but don’t know what happened with it
  5. Most people just want to buy a fake top on holiday and bring them home ... it’s no big deal for me
  6. And it will be the same daft cunts like us who puts the cash in year after year .... nobody has ever stopped them it’s all just shit!!
  7. The guy next to me is openly gay ..that’s fine but his name is Ben Dover
  8. I think that’s you and just saying the guy doon from you !!
  9. Is that Big Ben Dover holding the flag up bottom right ?
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