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David Weir - Superscoreboard Live


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Superscoreboard is back and SDoW is live on the show. Will be interesting to hear from him after Sunday's demolition job.

Will we have a Timmy meltdown on the first show of the new season? Perhaps the summer break will have mellowed the rabids out a wee bit.

Time will tell...

Big DJ, Granpaw Shug and Gerry McCulloch hosting.

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GM: "Rangers fans have been celebrating all weekend. Have you been trying to keep a lid on the celebrations...?" :wanker:

SDoW: "We were glad to see the fans happy again but we aren't getting carried away."

As if the management team are going to be getting carried away after one Petrofac Cup match.

HK: "James Tavernier, seven loan deals in seven years and yet looks a natural in a Rangers jersey."

SDoW: "Well, now he is at Rangers, he can settle down and feel he is at a club where he belongs." :)

HK: "We were worried about Andy Halliday after that first media conference, being such a fan and being born in the shadow of the stadium."

SDoW: "He's not here because he's a Rangers fan. Ultimately he is here because he is a good player." :clap:

SDoW: "We want young Scottish lads to develop and come through the academy. That is the future."

GM: "How many players are you short for the new season?"

SDoW: "We don't put a number on it - we will only bring in players of quality, not just to make up numbers." (tu)

No question about Scott Allan. Obviously had them told beforehand. :D

After Davie Weir had gone (the line was shocking).

GM: "Social media has been awash with Rangers fans already celebrating that the title is theirs."

HK: "Rangers will win the Championship by fifteen points." :ph34r:

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Hugh Keevins got that spot-on.

All the ex-players who left and had a moan about how they were treated were absolutely put in their place by the new team on Saturday."

"These new guys feel like they belong at Rangers after not fitting in elsewhere; from rejection to redemption." Shug's new catchphrase.

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