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Warburton Tells Stubbs To Shut Up & Concentrate On Own Club


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Mark Warburton has hit back at Hibernian manager Alan Stubbs over claims that managing Rangers represents an "easy" task.

Free-scoring Rangers have netted 19 times and won all five of their competitive outings thus far, having also welcomed 10 new faces to Ibrox during the summer.

Consequently, Stubbs claimed on Wednesday that Warburton's budget make success easier to achieve, but the 52-year-old, who lost 17 players since the end of last season, refutes that suggestion.

"Clearly it must be easy managing Real Madrid and Man United then, I guess," Warburton was quoted as saying by Sky Sports News.

"I would suggest that any manager without the facts keeps his mouth shut and concentrates on his club and not worry about our club. That's the key point.

"Right now we are very respectful to every other club and manager, and unless you know any facts that I don't know, concentrate on your own team. I know what we have spent and that's a complete fallacy. I'm not the brightest man in the world but it will take a lot more than that to wind me up."

Warburton and Stubbs square off when Hibernian visit Glasgow this Sunday.

Pleasant chap Warburton has a bit of spine, too. :)

Personally, I just think Stubbs is revealing that he's not that confident and relying on shabby fake controversy to try to upset our players, but I don't see it working, just like his defence.

Also, by saying "easy job", he kind of admits his own team is pish.

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