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Robert Fleck - Video


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Fleck, Durrant, D.Ferguson etc. Jock Wallace was building some side before he was sacked. It's interesting to imagine what would have happened to those players under his guidance. To build one great side is an achievement enough, but he appeared to be in the process of doing it again.

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2 hours ago, Brian Fantana said:

A Rangers player gambling?? fucking hell, delete this before the SFA get wind......

Haha it was years ago...1987 or thereabouts . 

He was injured or something and travelled with us to Aberdeen...wee shite robbed everyone ...frantic tapping going on wi guys tryin to win their money back :lol:


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On 05/10/2016 at 4:12 PM, Helicopter Sundae said:

I came up for an OF match back in 87 or 88 and was in Devon Street at the bar just before heading to Ibrox when in came Robert Fleck. He had just moved to Norwich, and we missed him. Pretty sure we lost that day.

Devon St brings back memories.

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2 hours ago, Helicopter Sundae said:

How long ago did Devon STreet shut?

Did you know Wee Tommy and family?

Long long time ago HS. A lot of that crew have passed on now. I remember it getting cleared out while bar was still open.  Knew lots in it and my Father was never out of it. Like you, he always just called it Devon St.  

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