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After Sunday's painful display at Hampden which lacked really any positives, the sort of performance and start that we all dreaded. Miles off the pace, not closing down, no drive, no character, no tenacity we the support demand significant improvement on Saturday.

Yes Pedro got it wrong but there was no on the park leader directing and instructing the players forward and on to Celtic, the first half passed us by which is unacceptable.


Saturday for me needs to be a signal of intent moving forward, yes players will move on in the summer thankfully but we need to go toe to toe on Saturday from the first whistle. We need to be attack minded from the start not gung ho but have a decent high back line impose ourselves onto them and try to dictate the play, the fans will the drive the team on from the stands but we need to see it on the park. We've tried the sitting back and that didn't work, yes we probably have inferior players in some positions but that can all be compensated for if we try harder, run faster, fight together and put down a marker for next season. The players need to believe it we have turned over far superior Celtic teams than there current squad and we have never shyed away from the battle before!

We the fans deserve atleast a fighting spirit which we so sadly missing on Sunday





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I agree with a lot of your second part OP, but we've just not got the quality of player to "dictate play" as you put it. That said, the filthy scum might just take their foot off the gas a little, as they have already wrapped up the league. Sadly, this might be our only hope of getting a result at the weekend; so the "try harder, run faster, fight together" that you are alluding to might just work!!

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