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Food bank collection v Hamilton Sun 6th October

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I've got a relative who volunteers at one, and she loves to tell all the poor me stories. My Grandad pops in to see her sometimes, and gives a different perspective all together.


I'm sure there's a small amount of people who genuinely need to use them, but most are smackheads etc who just take the piss. 

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I know a lad who’s unemployed as fuck, was in a motorcycle accident 30 yr ago hasn’t worked since, they stopped his benefit in February and he had zero money, had to sell stuff out his house to live.

The foodbank was a god send for him.

he got it all back paid couple of week ago but the lad was on his arse.

In this day and age in the Uk we shouldn’t need food banks, but the politicians are fuckin idiots so what can you do?

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The snp could have wiped out food banks in seconds

cost of food banks 14 million

cost of Gaelic signage on councils/roads/police cars etc 32 million

people using food banks 5per cent of population

people speaking Gaelic 0.7 per cent of population

good old snp logic

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