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  1. Listen to the fans!!!!!!! 3rd division that is all! Its the rules mind! ;0)
  2. New Craig Whyte interview with Tom English

    Q: But if you’re not spending money on players how do you expect to give yourselves a chance of winning the SPL and qualifying for the Champions League, where all the big cash is? I love this question.....when I read it I just smiled and said this is definitely a question I would have feels like we have no ambition to win this league but in fairness it was quite a good answer.
  3. Nobody coming in.....on SSN now!
  4. Nikica Jelavic Signs For Everton

    Jela out and nobody in......its a stick on.
  5. now...

    The half arsed scurrying about for second rate players begins. All the best Jela, you were a class striker in your prime.
  6. We played almost all of the second half with the ball on the deck and at times it was one touch sublime football. This is where we have been going wrong for weeks. I think a lot of us have mentioned that the high balls into the box are so f*cking frustrating but today it was a breath of fresh air to see so much one touch creative play in and around the box. Keep this team and formation Ally and get in a couple of pacey strikers/wide men and we are heading in the right direction!
  7. ***The Official Rangers v Motherwell Thread***

    How the f*ck is Clancy still on the park??? Is he the refs bum chum or something?
  8. ***The Official Rangers v Motherwell Thread***

    What a goal from Aluko!!!!
  9. ***The Official Rangers v Motherwell Thread***

    just in.....where is Jelavic?
  10. Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year fellow bears! Let hope this year brings Ally some good luck and some good players in the upcoming transfer window.
  11. i have a bad feeling we will have a player sent off tonight. If conditions are minging and tackles are going in with a hostile atmosphere, then it only takes Collum a second to dip his hand into his pocket. Really hope Ally tells them to keep the heed!
  12. ***The Official St. Mirren - Rangers Thread***

    McCulloch should never pull on a Rangers jersey ever again. Absolute disgrace. Goian's was just frustration. To be honest though I hate agreeing with this but this job is clearly too big for Ally. The majority of these players played under Walter and were at least heard to beat. We cant even say that anymore!
  13. ***The Official Hibernian v Rangers Thread***

    decsion after decision going Hibs! Even Ally is losing it!