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  1. Solid as a rock is the big man.
  2. I just cant wait to see that cunt brown spewing his fucking ring, when we get it right fucking up them, all our shirts should have 55 on the back when we play them at the midden.
  3. He's a player alright, big man just needed time.
  4. Fucking quality, pissing myself here.....lol
  5. Brilliant, a celebration from the Rangers fans that will register on the richter scale.....yessss
  6. Aye they'll be Rangers fans, utter fucking bollox.
  7. Will be back to 18 points if we win before they play mate.
  8. You don't actually hear what he said at the very end of that piece mate, about pulling the plug on the season, he finished by saying that it was extremely unlikely to happen, the poster is a fucking prick for not letting that part finish.
  9. Spot on, there was no training today, so they could not have been in contact with the rest of the squad.
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