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  1. Pay as you go at the Erskine Bridge tonight.
  2. Utter shambles, utter shambles, first caller, fucking magic lol
  3. 1st post, dodgy as fuck imo.
  4. Fucking unreal mate, Rae needs to grow a pair, Keevins spouting off about Gers fans breaking covid rules, not even challenged by Rae about the tim organised Palistinian rally, fucking disgusting.
  5. Just heard that mate, fucking unbelievable, the cunt must be fucking blind.
  6. How can they bring up social distancing within the club confines when, afaik, everyone there would be in the bubble?
  7. I agree with the part in bold, but what else could the club have done?
  8. James, a so called Rangers fan slaughtering Rangers ffs.
  9. If the price per person was £1690 instead of £1379 the tims would have been in complete suicide mode.
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