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  1. bubble watson at it again
  2. Think the USA ryder cup fans are my second most hated group of fans.
  3. france somewhere
  4. Moore just went Eagle birdie. Hardly choked. Agree he shouldn't have been picked though
  5. 2 or 3 good chances sullivan has missed.
  6. Wish Willett hadn't won the masters.
  7. Come on Rose fucking sink one.
  8. Challenging? It's going to be a pumping
  9. Reason knox didn't get picked cos he's not really pally with them.
  10. Fucked it
  11. Bit of revenge on that small putt for Pieters v holmes
  12. It's gone to shit within the last 2 mins
  13. Need to get the momentum back. America sinking everything atm
  14. Normally if I'm absolutely gutted it's due to the manner of the loss, last minute goal etc.. But this is different. A shambles of a performance. Clueless. Embarrassing.
  15. This the first Murray match you've watched?