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  1. Normally if I'm absolutely gutted it's due to the manner of the loss, last minute goal etc.. But this is different. A shambles of a performance. Clueless. Embarrassing.
  2. Not like us to concede from a corner
  3. I seen him linked to East kilbride fc
  4. You could see they work well together tonight, Barton sitting a little deeper and dictating play while kranjcar sits a little further forward looking for the ball to link up to the forwards.
  5. I would say even more so since we have Barton now, but I'm sure I seen him get pushed tonight, off the ball, and he didn't react at all.
  6. Not saying it's a bad thing, particularly in this league where he's more than likely going to be on the receiving end of some hefty challenges. Just don't remember his interviews from when he was in the PL
  7. Doesn't show much emotion when he's speaking, doubted his eagerness after seeing his first interview, but I guess that's just the way he is. Said all the right things! This season is going to be a cracker if we can keep him 100%
  8. Trying to get the 4th has been like trying to shove another fray bentos down that keepers gub
  9. Get the fuck away from niko bellend!
  10. The Stranraer manager will be going through them right now.. Meanwhile..
  11. If a nade falls in the rangers half does it even make a sound
  12. 73 consecutive starts for wallace
  13. I'd say they were pushing up more to be honest, first 10 mins was all in their third.
  14. They'd need 12 men and no ref to win tonight