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  1. *** The Official Morton Vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Good victory tonight, don't think we would have won had we played like that 6+ weeks ago.
  2. *** The Official Morton Vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Boo that ya arseholes 
  3. *** The Official Morton Vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Needed that badly. 
  4. *** The Official Morton Vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Was he born in South America in the last few months?
  5. 1 Player

    Love how everyone is being really realistic in this thread
  6. That was way too easy...
  7. Stonewaller. Good save but.
  8. Got to be 4 or 5 now
  9. To be fair ball ran into the Queens defender haha. Take it. 2-0 against 10 men, should be taking 4 or 5 off them now.
  10. This ref is awful.
  11. Who Would We Of Signed

    Tbh, I'm kind of gutted mccoist didn't stay on, reckon I'd be in with a shout of 7k a week
  12. How Far Away Are We?

    Very difficult to tell at the moment I think. After 3 convincing victories, 2 of which were against our main "rivals" (lets be honest they both look very poor anyway) we are looking good and can only improve. I think the real measure of our ability to compete, will be against spfl teams in the cups. Hoping to make an example of the first one of these teams we play, hope it's motherwell or hearts, and put the fear factor of coming to ibrox back in the others. If we get that back, and strengthen in a few areas, competing for second next year, pushing them within a couple.