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  1. Will they fuck, how many times after a taig game you hear the opposite team say - Abc gave us the motivation to win when he said this bla bla bla
  2. Needs to shut his fucking mouth, every single quote he gives is motivation for them
  3. Wes Tav Kiernan Wilson Wallace Rossiter Forrester Halliday Moh Miller McKay Garner debut goal 4-1
  4. We can only get better which is encouraging. Didnt think we played too badly today. We are missing the directness from Holt/Windass/Forrester even McKay in the middle that they 3 don't bring. I'd drop Barton and replace with Forrester and bring Moh out wide. Ive noticed we aren't really going for the jugular at all this year and Wallace and Tav aren't pushing on as much.
  5. How many times will Barton Rossiter Halliday play together to see it doesn't work and majorly effects our style of play. Barton and Halliday should be dropped from the next game. Playing 3 cdms at home to Hamilton and Motherwell isn't on.
  6. 3-2 thriller Niko, Harry, Miller
  7. Would be a good signing, Perfect for Kiernan. I think Kiernan will surprise a lot of people this year. Also, Taigs everywhere going mental - giving it we must be robbing someone with all these transfers etc Bell Mcgregor Mculloch Moshni Wallace Aird Black Law Smith Boyd Miller Faure,Templeton, Clark, Simonsen, Foster.. to Wes Tav Kiernan Lescott? Wallace Barton Rossister Kranjcar Waghorn Garner? McKay Miller, Windass, Holt, Forrester, Wilson, Halliday, Gilks etc etc some improvement, hats off to MW and the board 👍👍
  8. Reckon we will have a rough time adjusting and we will kick on from there. Nothing wrong with that Heart says 4-0 again but head says different.
  9. Wes Tav Kiernan Hill Wallace Rossiter Barton McKay/Forrester Moh Dodoo McKay/Forrester 2-2 sadly
  10. Was warburton and the players fault we didn't win against Hamilton, not DK. Maybe Warburton doesn't want 2 strikers or a CB etc or is waiting for the right one instead of a panic buy? Warburton has always said the backing of the board has been fantastic.
  11. I don't think so, Not the kinda player that makes runs in behind the defence, that's what we were missing today. I looks like today we have pretty much sacrificed 3/4 players going forward. Tav/Wallace not as forward as much and the 2 cms didn't make any runs in behind the defence til Forrester came on.
  12. Not sure, I don't see any of them as major creative players. We play 10x better with Forrester, Holt or Windass in the middle. Want to see - Windass Rossiter/Barton Holt Forrester Wagorn McKay. Little bit naive from MW today bringing on Rossiter for Halliday, McKay should of moved centrally and brought on Dodoo for Halliday
  13. Him and Niko slow us down, The Halliday Niko Barton combo didn't work.
  14. The start of 55. Here we go rangers! Smash these no marks! We are fucking back! 6-1 Gers
  15. Wes Tav Kiernan Wilson Wallace Rossiter Foresster Halliday MOH Waghorn Mckay Niko for Halliday at 60 mins Barton for Rossiter Miller for MOH 1-0