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  1. Looks lost and defeated, it's time he slaughters the players publicly, they don't seem up for it at all. I think something has happened that we don't know about, something that has disturbed the dressing room. Miller looks severely fucked off recently
  2. Warburton shat it from the taigs, the whole we don't change our style for anyone is becoming a bit cringey, we sat back and tried to hit them on the counter. Taigs played us at our own game (well the style we played last year) and it worked a treat for them. And being honest with ourselves on a different day it's 3/4/5-0 to the taigs. I think if we are still sitting 5th and Christmas and they beat us at Ibrox we will see a new manager through the door. Theres been a severe change of tactics from last year and I'd respect Warburton more if he stuck to the style he talks about. If you remember last year most of our goals came from winning the ball high up the park, everytime we lose the ball we retreat and look nervous.
  3. Gilks Tav Kiernan Hill Hodson Rossiter Holt Halliday Moh Miller Forrester Show a bit of drive and desire FS Lets see some high pressing, rough tackles a bit of drive and intensity! Go at them from the off, get in there faces and let them know they are at Ibrox.
  4. Ideal line up for me would be Fod Tav Keirnan Hill Wallace Halliday Rossister Holt Windass Miller McKay Tav and Wallace playing extremely high to provide width and Windass and McKay moving centrally to almost play behind Miller and pack the midfield. We need to play a high pressing game like we done all last season and not give them a second on the ball. Force them into rash descisons and play at a high tempo, we take a goal off them early and keep up the high pressure they will buckle .
  5. Wes Tav Kiernan Hill Wallace Halliday Holt Kranjcar Mckay Miller Garner If only...
  6. Pass marks - Kiernan Hill Good game - Miller Kranjcar Waghorn well off the boil, maybe the worst performance I've ever seen from him tonight. Dominated 1st half and if we stayed at that level we would of won by 3/4. Ended up lucky in the end when it really shouldn't have been.
  7. Don't think it's directly linked to Celtic itself but it's set up by players/staff that used it Althought if the players turn round and say Celtic advised them to use it...
  8. Wes Tav Wilson Hill Wallace Halliday Windass Holt Waghorn Miller McKay 4-1 Gers
  9. Please be the Taigs. No fear and smash the cunts. If we draw them it could be the boot up the arse we need, beat them and secure a place in the final will boost the confidence high, could be vital in the league with them coming to Ibrox next. Also, a lot of surrender monkeys in this thread! Fear no one!
  10. Fod Tav Hill Wilson Wallace Halliday Windass Holt Moh Waghorn Mckay Garner, Forrester and Miller to come on later. 2-0 up within 20 mins 3-1 ft. Time to kickstart the season.
  11. Any win will do, time to show our bottle. Liam Boyce will give us a very hard time
  12. Spit it oot
  13. Wes Tav Kiernan Wilson Wallace Rossiter Windass Halliday Moh Garner Forrester Just win. Leave the 'big timers' (Barton,Niko) completely out the squad.
  14. What happened to young hungry players who wanted to win? Instead we get hit with Senderos, Niko and Barton...
  15. Completely changed the way we play to accommodate him and Niko. Rossiter Halliday Windass from now on