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  1. First half yesterday

    We completely bossed them and started to take the piss out of them a wee bit. Felt at times we were missing the final pass especially when we started to tire( what can ye do though when ye only have 16 players fit). I reckon if Waghorn, Forrester + Moh had played we would of won in the 90. Would of loved to of seen Waghorn against those clowns. Speaking to a taig last night and he said he hadn't seen Celtic been domestically bossed like that in years.. Sad thing is I don't even think we played to our usual tempo 😂
  2. *****The Official Rangers v Them thread*****

    Wes Tav Kiernan Wilson Wallace Ball Holt Halliday Waghorn Miller McKay 3-1 Rangers. I think we will go out all guns blazing as we usually do, I don't think they will expect us to be like this and I don't think they will be able to cope in the first 30 minutes. There's not many teams that would of thrown so many players forward against Celtic in the last few years (minus Europe and look how that's gone down). Early goals from Waghorn and Miller will have them rocking and I think they will be lucky to go in at half time only 2 down. I've watched Celtic twice this season and they have been absolutely dug shit, they got skelped off the sheep and lucky not to get beat away to Hamilton earlier this season. Anytime the sheep/Hamilton put there defence under any kind of pressure they panicked. I think a couple of players that we have 'doubts' over and going to step right up to the mark. lets fucking do this!
  3. **** Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Match Thread ****

    Wes Tav Kiernan Wilson Wallace Halliday Holt Law Waghorn Miller McKay 4-1
  4. *****The Official Rangers v Kilmarnock Match Thread*****

    Kille training all week and doing double session's. Lets hope there exhausted by Saturday, they will probably start bright then fall away after we get the first goal. 3-1 Rangers With a barrage of sitters missed.
  5. 1 Or 2 Experienced Players Wanted

    500k bid accepted apparently Player to discuss terms If we pull this off, what a signing.
  6. New Fernando Ricksen Interview

    Stay positive Keep fighting No surrender
  7. Andy Murdoch

    Can never tell if serious on here :lol:
  8. 1 Or 2 Experienced Players Wanted

    Kevin Nolan. Looking to try something different from the English game and widen his knowledge as he wants to become a coach in the next couple of years. A pure guess right enough.
  9. Suggestions.

    Always been impressed by him. Reckon he might be on 10/15k tho.
  10. Andy Murdoch

    He wouldn't be able to play against us. He would be able to play against hibs etc.
  11. A Year From Now

    I don't think we need it. Maybe when the taigs had hooper, van dijk, wanayama etc and we had Daly, Black and Moshni. There's not a big gap between the top of the championship and the 'premier league'. I think the squad we have now (after you take away the loans) add 5/6 players within the 500k-1M bracket we are more than capable of winning the league. We could really be doing with landing a celtic or Aberdeen in the cup to see where we really are.
  12. Suggestions.

    Tom Bradshaw, Jay spearing, Souttar.
  13. A Year From Now

    As for next season's off the park expectations - Im expecting roughly 5/6 players in. Talking maybe 2.5 million on transfer fees and roughly the same on wages (over the year).
  14. A Year From Now

    Rangers to be 7 points clear after a new year win at Ibrox. 2 convincing old firm wins and look to be steamrolling teams. Deila to be sacked the day after the new year win. Taigs appoint Lennon. Expecting Us to be leading the pack and the taigs, sheep and hearts fighting with each other for second.
  15. Matt Crooks

    Think he's forgot we are in Scotland So reading from that we are signing them on pre contracts.