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  1. Please be the Taigs. No fear and smash the cunts. If we draw them it could be the boot up the arse we need, beat them and secure a place in the final will boost the confidence high, could be vital in the league with them coming to Ibrox next. Also, a lot of surrender monkeys in this thread! Fear no one!
  2. Fod Tav Hill Wilson Wallace Halliday Windass Holt Moh Waghorn Mckay Garner, Forrester and Miller to come on later. 2-0 up within 20 mins 3-1 ft. Time to kickstart the season.
  3. Any win will do, time to show our bottle. Liam Boyce will give us a very hard time
  4. Spit it oot
  5. Wes Tav Kiernan Wilson Wallace Rossiter Windass Halliday Moh Garner Forrester Just win. Leave the 'big timers' (Barton,Niko) completely out the squad.
  6. What happened to young hungry players who wanted to win? Instead we get hit with Senderos, Niko and Barton...
  7. Completely changed the way we play to accommodate him and Niko. Rossiter Halliday Windass from now on
  8. Barton needs to keep his mouth firmly shut, talks the talk but can't walk the walk, might aswell of played a youth player out there today. Him and Niko are about 5 yards off the pace.
  9. Highly doubt it unless there's an injury, He will go with what he's tried before. Not the time to throw a player in that hasn't played in months in a high intensity game. Don't think he could last 90 mins at that pace yet.
  10. Wes Tav Kiernan Wilson Wallace ??? ??? ??? ??? Miller ??? Literally can't pick the team, It's hard to leave out Rossiter, Barton, Niko, McKay, Waghorn, Garner, Forrester, Windass, Halliday, Holt, Moh etc. So many choices and so many good players, Trust Warburton to pick the right men for the occasion.
  11. Canny wait to see a Tav and McKay dab infront of the taig end. 3-1 Rangers, Expect us to come flying out the traps and leather this mob.
  12. I really hope if one of our own is getting arrested for no reason or getting abused by cops, we stand up to it and don't stand there videoing someone having a horrible time. Police generally back down when fans are in numbers, no use whipping a camera out and seeing someone get lifted.
  13. Aye I agree, that's the team I think will start, not the one I want to start 😂
  14. Team will defo be - Wes Tav Kiernan Wilson Wallace Rossiter Barton Halliday Waghorn Miller McKay Really hoping Kranjcar doesn't start or play, it's not the type of game for him.
  15. Will they fuck, how many times after a taig game you hear the opposite team say - Abc gave us the motivation to win when he said this bla bla bla