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  1. The way Warbuton is talking, we don't actually have targets we are going for just now. I think we are waiting for the right player to pop up.
  2. One can dream
  3. 1st half Wes Tav Kiernan Marriappa Wallace Barton Rossiter Niko Waghorn RVP McKay 2nd half Gilks Hodson Hill Kiernan Wallace Halliday Windass Holt Foresster Dodoo Miller 5-1 Rangers
  4. Bookies thing means nothing, few £10/20 bets on it and the odds start going down. All the tarriers believing it on Facebook etc is amazing, 'hope they get Rvp, well past it and is on 150k a week, sevco going bust mk 2. Same people who are giving it kolo toure is the best thing since sliced bread, they cunts are really unbelievable
  5. Good. Can come in with that attitude if he wants, Won't be funny when wee Barrie is putting the baw threw his legs. A typical Celtic signing, individual player who thinks he the tog dog. Id love them to be paying him 20k+, 100% not worth it.
  6. Think is will be tricky for us, panic merchants will be out after this game I think. 1-0 Rangers (Miller).
  7. Heverlee is fantastic
  8. Trust the manager. Whos to say someone like Hardie will bang in 20+ this season? Or Waghorn? Get excited and back the team we have 👍
  9. Every signing is a gamble, some more expensive than others.
  10. So you would of seen us pay well over the odds for someone who 'might' have came up here and scored 30 goals? Maybe 10 years ago we would of stumped up 3/4 million for someone to take a gamble on, not now.
  11. What names? Grigg? Bradshaw? Rvp? Who said we were ever interested in them? Grigg is only wanted because of his song, Bradshaw wouldn't fill me with confidence, Rvp is fairy tale stuff. Dodoo would walk into any Spl side and we will be very lucky to get him
  12. Not a loan.
  13. It's not a loan, contract has just ended. Will be a compo deal
  14. Very good player. Will fit into our system like a glove
  15. Us haha! The guy is claiming he broke the news about Waghorn and Tav